Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ahh, the ever most...

Christmas break... Well, Polkadot socks asked about it, so here is some deets!

I've made about 10 resolutions all of which I'll tell you about later.
I've done nothing!!! GHA, the break has been mostly wonderful, but there's some down points. I'm always tired, I'm not getting enough rest, My cousin has tried to kill me once or twice..(look, he's 2 years old and tried to poke my eye out with a fork today!!!) Not the best.
But tomorrow (NEW YEARS EVE!!!) I'm going to the YMCA in Baxter, and then SWIMMING!!!!

OMG, saturday it got up to 60 degreese and I got to ware shorts!!! IN DECEMBER!! I was so excited!

27days, readers. January 26th, MY BIRTHDAY!!!
Can't wait.


Dude, my cousin just let of a killer stink bomb....TOLD YOU HE WAS TRYING TO KILL ME!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


muwhahaha! (My ex-boyfriend!)

that's so me!




Tee Hee! SO true.


I love this one! <3


Not changing colors....

It's not changing colors like it's supposed to....^.. :( again.

I am totally board, so the question of the week is above^^!

If I ever hit you in the face, this is why^^.

I am so board. Sorry for bugging you.


Okay, you all have me lost. How many people are posting comments under the anonymous?? Who are you?!?! GAH, you all are being extreamly weird!!!

I'm sitting at my aunt't house, where I've been since Christmas. My dad wasn't too happy about my requested long term stay, but I'm going to be here until he says I have to come home for another family dinner thing, but I don't like this grandpa, so it's going to bite.
I got to see a good friend today. Actually he's my exboyfriend, but still a good friend. It's the first time I've seen him in...gosh, like two months?? I don't remeber, but I'm thinking he likes me--AGAIN. But I think I like him again, myself. That's bad. But I'm going to see him again tomorrow...hopefully. Unless he bails out on me. So, I'm kinda excited.

Had a dream about him... We had actually kissed when we went out... Which I've never done. We'll see what happens.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tra la la la.

Sorry about my hand in the way. This was a picture that my, sorry I mean "Santa Clause" gave me. It's a really pretty vampire, but she's kinda demented. My mom was like, "it made me think of that one Rosalie chick." and I see her point. Rosalie was really pretty in the book description, but she was also really demented on the inside....or the outside...well, both, actually.

But I also got A 4GB memory stick, so I can "hopefully" type up my story(s) soon and then send them to my "editor" (but the computer mostly does it for me). the Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories for ps2. A sewing machine, Money for my tutu Fabric (THANKS ROXY!), some pjs (which is an every year thing for my mom..Dunno why.) A lot of texts saying Merry Christmas, A sketch book(!!!) A custom made Twilight teeshirt (my name's on the back!!!) um... some clothes, a blanket... That's the majority of it.

UGH, My sister's are singing upstairs as loud as they can and I can't hear the tv and it's one of my favorite shows (Little People Big World). There's this marathon on TLC right now! I'm excited. Got to talk to my friend (well, my ex boyfriend but still) and he got the AT&T Matirx! plus an ipod touch (I'm getting the ipod touch and an ihome for it for my birthday in January) but I'm going to do the nice thing and take away that Matrix phone. He dropped his last one and a bus ran over it. HAHA! I know he'll at least let me touch it, cuz I'm sure he still likes me....*shudders*

Merry Christmas!




Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I've got some free time on my hands so I just kinda got on the computer. Sorry I lied....well actually I wasn't planning on getting on.. so I didn't lie...did I?? The mysterious person who comments on my blog....WHO ARE YOU?????????
It's actually kinda freaking me out a little because I don't know who you are and I'm getting a little insecure about this. I mean sure, I only know a couple of the people who read my blog, like the Rebel Angels: one of them is my penpal, and then Jasethlean and 8401 (or something of the sorts) and Aliella are my friends, Roxy goes to my church.... But Alice and Gothic Chick I don't know, but I can read their blogs and that helps me a little on secure side... Seriously if I know who you are, don't hold out on me here... Give me a hint!!! are you male/female, teenaged/adult/under 13??????? Do you live in a town called SHELBYVILLE?!?!?!?!

Anyone else scared?!?!?!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Since I won't be on again until after Christmas I just wanted to wish ya'll a Merry Christmas and or Happy Holiday that you celebrate (because my aunt's Jewish I had to put that in).
Now's a jolly good time for a song.

Weeeee Wish you a merry Christmas,
We Wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a merry Christmasssss,
*Intakes a deep breath..*
In the words of Anne, *insert Jazz fingers here*

I'm a little bit excited to get away for the holiday, for I'm off to my mom's!

Tally ho!


**Hums the song 'We wish you a merry christmas' while skipping out of a room**


I was vacuming the living room and the door by my dad's office (which is where I'm at right now) and I got to thinking about all those women who vacum by their husband's office while he's not home to see if he's possibly cheating on her with another woman.

Then I got to thinking, maybe it's because they accuse the men that the men go and cheat on them (which is totally wrong but the women shouldn't accuse them unless they know for a fact that it's true, and the men shouldn't be cheating on their wives in the first place, am I right or what??)

Don't cha think??? Something to ponder on for a while. Comments???


so what do we call today??

Today is the 23 of December of the year 2008. It's the day before Christmas Eve, so would that make today Chritsmas Eve Eve, or the Eve of Christmas Eve or just plain old 23 of December???
Humm, everyday should have an awesome name!
I do declare that every time I post I'll try to come up with a great name.

There goes my stomach a rumblin!

Happy Birthday Juliea!!!



Blah. My jaw is num on the right side from a drill and fill and I can't eat but I'm hungry.

This bites monkey butt (which I've heard is kinda discusting).


Monday, December 22, 2008


Person who puts comments on my blog who has an uncle pete, DO I KNOW YOU?????
Just curious.
Cuz if I do then i'm going to try and guess at who you are.


Sunday, December 21, 2008


They make everything in the world so much better.

Hugs for the Holidays ♥♥♥!!!

Live Love Laugh Learn and HUG



If sake is that wine thingy than WHO IN THE RIGHT WORLD IS PETE?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

and why do we say that????


Saturday, December 20, 2008

I just realized...

The new year is just around the
I'm terrified guys...
I don't know what's going to happen, so lets expect the worst, picture the impossible, try our best, and pray it comes out a heck of a lot better than this year did.
I mean come on! I've suffered for almost two years for pete's sake!!! It's about time my year goes my way.

Who is the's pete anyways and what is his sake?????



it's not what I do,
it's who I am.

it's not a way a life,
it's a way of seeing.

it's not looking for something,
it's sumbling upon it.

it's not the image in other eyes,
it's who you are on the inside.

A poem that I just, literally JUST, came up with....didn't I???
Oh boy.



Sometimes miracles do happen.... I came down stairs this morning to see the Freak's mom on the computer and out of nowhere she starts talking about Interlochen again. She asks about fees and everything and I think they're actually considering to let me go, with or without the scholorship. Wow. If I do get to go, I'll ask my family to help pay for the schooling insted of birthday, or anything like that. Plus, all the scholorships I could get for my writing career alone. Enough that if I publish a book than I'll have the money to go to college for the.....yeah. Deep down in my gut I have this feeling that I don't need to go to this fancy art school and leave everyone behind. I'm just now realizing that my insperation comes from them....FROM YOU.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that since it's the season of giving, I want to give thanks to all of you who read my blog. You inspire me to continue on with my dreams!


the musicplayer side thing....

Ice blue, since it's ice cold here.
So, you wanna put a music player on your blog, eh?
Well here you go:
FIRST, you have to go to to make a playlist. To find my playlist it's under 11/23/08..i think anyways.
SECOND, you need to copy the url thingy (which on the websight the'll ask if you want to upload it to another site and all you have to do is click the button!)
THIRD, go to coustomize (SPELLING ERROR) and then on the side just go to add, gadget, and viola! You'll have yourself a music player of your own!.

I took my story off my other blog because if I post it on the internet and someone steals it, it's not copyrighted so they can publish it and I won't be able to do anything about it. Sorry.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a go just went to a "NO GO"

Ugg. Operation find out how much money the big fancy art school is going to cost me was a total BUST! I'm not going. I have no hope of going but for one year, and No matter what the Freak's mom says I am NOT going just for senior year! NO NO NO NO NO! *Stomps foot on the ground* I'm not getting my way on this and for once I DON'T care! I have something bigger planned! MUWHAHAHAH!!! They can say, "You have no hope of making it into Cambridge" but I AM SO GOING! If God truely wants me too(which finding out about it was sooo a miracle, I think he does) Then He'll help me make it. MUWHAHAHA!!! *I'm getting overly excited about this.* I'm going to be the different kid in this situation. I'm going to be the one who makes her dreams come true, because there is this white-hot, BURNING...Scratch that it's a white-hot RAIGING forest fire that burns deep down into my soul that is slowly making me go insane!!!!!!!! ***not saying that i was totally 100% sane in the first place***

I'm going to be a good little author and compose some magical words onto this computer screen that some of you will only get to read when I publish it, because I have offically taken it down so I have high hopes of publishing it one day.


Ranezea♥♥♥♪♪♪♪ LALALAL!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a go!

Project:try to convince my dad to let me apply for the Interlochen Scholorship program is a total go. Now, if I win (wich I hope Anne and I make it hard on the judges, cuz Anne, if I win it will be a miracle aginst you) The NEW project will be getting alll of the funds paid and convincing my mom this is what's best. Who knows. Wish me luck, and ANNE; I wish you all the luck! If i don't win I hope, no Pray TO GOD that you do! Both of us deserve to go, and I'm going to follow you shortly if I don't make it.

Wish us luck!!!! We'll need it.

Now if only I could publish a book quick enough to get college tuition....



I'm so going to prove everyone wrong! All of those people who EVER doubted that I could get into Cambridge, who ever doubted that I could publish a book, let alone finish one. I'm going to do those and SOOO much more. I need to know who believes in me and who do I need to prove wrong?!?!?!? Come on! Speak up, tell me your mind!



I had a total meltdown today. I pretty much completely lost all of my sanity. It was like I was a dam and I broke because of too much water pressure pushing on me. Everything hit me and I just crashed, but it's not like my weekend crash. My weekend crashes are just sleeping crashes (which I found out today that too much/too less sleep is a sign of depression, by which I suffer badly from) But this crash. Man, I just totally lost it. I was crying, no bawling my eyes out, apologizing to Anne about everything that went on between us in the past week, trying to remain calm, but just making me lose it even more.

But I'm totally calm now... until I think about the fact that I'm going to have to tell my dad that I'm applying for the scholorship to Interlochen, and then WHY I want to apply.

Fun Fun, wish me luck.

Hailey: I soooo DISOWN you for that move you pulled today!



Going to play on the ice.
(this color is ice blue!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This year was supposed to be THE year.
I turned big 13, Got my first boyfriend, was saved by the Lord, Started 8th grade.
But this year has sucked so bad, that I can't wait until it's over.

The ONLY highlight: I got April as my penpal.

The rest of my year was horrible.
My first boyfriend was a dissaster.
My relationship with Christ has become nothing.
13 is just a fancy number that means too much teenage drama.
8th grade is harder than I wanted it to be.
My stepmom's prego(I HATE IT!!!!!)
My stepbrother's a pain in my arse.
I gained a ton of weight.
My family is broke.
My friends hate me.
My anger is worse.
and now:
Christmas is a no go. Because my parents are broke, I don't get anything for christmas.
They apologized for it, but I don't care.
I feel like a little kid who lost their favorite toy.
I just pray to God that next year is better than this one.



Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is my 100th post! Pretty exciting if you ask me. Now if only I was in the mood to actually be excited about this.


I'm not in a happy mood at all.

It could deal with the fact that I'm hungry, but that's not it. It could deal with the fact that I'm like a walking dead person, I'm so tired, but that's not it.

No, the true answer:

I have lost my sight on who I am.

I feel like my friend and I are too close, that if I was to one day lose her, I would lose myself as well. Maybe I have lost myself because I'm losing her. Sure, I'm her best friend, but put us next to eachother, look at us, and who are you mostlikely to chose to be friends with??? Her. She's so much better that me at everything and it makes me feel intimidated! I feel like I base all my decisions on or around her. I feel like I am doing nothing but mimicing her! I'm sick and tired of being this way, I'm tired of feeling like I'm useless because she's around. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, she's my best friend, but still I hate being like this.

I'm backing out, leaving her to find her own way, because I lost myself in becoming so close to her. I can't see who I am, or where I'm destined to be. I gotta find myself; by myself; and it's going to be one hell of in internal and external battle.

excuse me while I go and get some sleep. Sorry for the unhappy 100th post.

Tandice ♪

The female's socks are red.


This is why I didn't want to look at the stupid websight!!!

Hailey, I'm going to kill you.
Anne, you too.

That dumb school you talk about, all the freaking time, and kept telling me the websight, and that you both want to go to the high school. Interlochen Arts School.

I went to the dumb website, okay, are you happy??? I'm not, because now I want to go to the summer programs for music and creative writing. I want them bad, and it's a three week program. I'm going to apply for one this year, and one next year, using financial aid, and I'm supposed to be getting more information on the financial aid, and now I'm crying because I don't know if I'll be able to go, the music program beng $4,185 and the writing program being $3,920! My mom wants me to be able to go, and I really want it, but if you hadn't tried to get me to go to that freaking website then I would be happily taking more quizzes on Facebook, or even sleeping! You both are horrible for making me wish, because wishes don't come true!!! Dreams do! And yet all I have to do is dream about going there and hopefully it'll happen, but for me wanting to be an author when I "Grow Up" or even a musician then this could be the best thing in the world for me. I could just go and learn ssoooo much and have the time of my life, and... and -and -and I hate both of you sooo much right now. If you read this before monday, don't even say a word or I will kill the both of you, and be behind bars....

I'm going to go do more research now, see if I can even apply for finincal aid.


Fairy Tale Princess

Which fairy tale princess am I?
Oh, I'm Cinderlla, of corse.
Does this mean that I get my prince charming by losing my shoe as i'm running down the stands at some game, trying to catch my friend before she walks right past me, without making a big commotion about it??????? If so, pep band and marching band, here I come! My "Crush" is in them!

it's late!

Wicked Things

It's a really creppy movie. Don't read this if you plan to watch the movie.

But it's sad at the beginning. These kids die in a mine back in the early 1900's and they come back as zombies to haunt everyone untill their killer is dead...well the decendent of their killer. They eat the guy pretty much. It's gross. Right now there is the decendent's blood driping down this one chicks face as she walks to her daughter who is friends with the zombie that is her relative. The zombies aren't going to kill her. YAY! at least one good thing happens.


p.s. this was a pointless blog.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Summer Plans

Well, nothing's set in stone, the future never is, but I have made some plans for this summer.

Thursday, May 28th, 2009: Last day of school year, middle school, and my 9th year at school (including kindergarten). That is sooo worth a PPPAAARRR---TAYYYY! Me, Anne, and Hailey.

Church Camp in June or July.

July 16th, 2009 at midnight: Harry Potter 6 with some friends, hopefully a big group.

Band Camp for marching band.

August back to school/freshman party: Me, Anne, Hailey.

High School here we come (watch out boys, I'm the most likely to be single for this summer, but as soon as I get the chance I'm attacking)

Summer better come soon!!!



My body had a total crash today.
I woke up at 9:30 exact. Not unnormal for a Saturday.
Then at 1 I fell asleep on the couch!
I didn't get back up until 4:30!
I slept through my sisters yelling and sceaming, my cell phone going off, my urge to pee.
If there was a tornado or storm I woulda slept through it too!
It's like man, I needed sleep bad.
that was a lot a sleep, considering I went to bed at 12:30 last night.


Friday, December 12, 2008

A race

I had a race with my aunt, pealing graphics for my uncle's business. and I lost. Not by a lot, but still. I lost.
I'm still in a race for something else, tho.

New Year's resolution: Operation get the guy.



More quotes

Glad you liked the quotes. Let's go to my quote book and flip on random:

"So...there's this boy...and I would tell you about him, but then you would fall in love with him too."

"I'm trying so hard not to like you, but it's really hard to fight your heart."

"After a while you just want to be with the one who makes you giggle."

"Love is like war; easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget."

"Let's flip a coin: Heads, we be together; tales we flip again."

"Many people have told me I've changed, but the truth is, I think I've just found myself."

"Find a guy that; doesn't care if you sing loudly or chew gum with your mouth open; sing off hey & cry at the movies, or act like an insane person, cause all it does is make him love you more."

"I'm the type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened yesterday..."

"All I want is for one guy to prove to me that they're not all the same"
So, some of you liked my quotes, and so far I have 286 or so of them. =] =] =]
Here's one more, it's a poem I wrote.

Done With It by: Tandice

I'm done with it,
All the heartbreak and misery.
I'm done with it,
Trying so hard just to get you back.
I'm done with it,
Waiting for true love;
The one that's never going to happen.
I'm done with it,
Getting caught up in all drama,
Stupid things we caused together.

Wishing on 11:11 for things to be all right,
Cause in reality:
Wishes don't come true,
Dreams do.
Guys are stupid,
They just want girls.
Nighttime is betther than day.
You're over me,
So i'm done with it,
With not being over you.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have this quote book, and from now on I'm going to add a quote or poem to my posts. Yesterday actually started it. Today is special: I'm going to put two or three.

"Don't follow my footsteps; I walk into walls."

"I'm falling in love with this boy & I can't help to think that I'm the luckiest girl in the world just to even have him as a friend."
-Stylish [Botique]

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feeling Great!

I'm feeling totally great! Sooo much better than that last post.
Well all except a friend of mine.. her friend comitted suicide. She found out at lunch and was a terrible mess. Me, being religious, I just felt that pain, so I just stopped eating and prayed. I felt calmer after that, and she did too, just a little though. It was painful, yet (and don't take this the wrong way) inspiring. I wrote a poem, mostly on his (the guy who comitted it) and her (for her pain. She hasn't read it yet.)

Death By: Tandice K.****

It's a monsterous thing.
Sad and disturbing,
Killing the hearts
of those it took;
the loved ones gone.

It's a terrible happening.
Ripping and shreading,

leaving poeple alone,
runining their future,
Ending the lives.

It's a sad thing,
Losing and giving up,
Suicide is the end,

And yet, a begining,
To the person's soul.

That deseved to be in black, but you wouldn't be able to read it. It made me want to cry.

So, let's move on to bubblier news so I don't get salty tears down my clean showered cheeks and on my baby blue nightshirt.

Sunday I sent a message to that "Crush" from one of those previous posts. He replied! (which I guess isn't a suprise, since we are sorta friends) but I figured out why he came back! It was to talk to the 7th graders about highschool! Man, if only I was in 7th grade still.
I found out another thing too! I have his old algebra book! (and for some reason I found a piece of broken plastic in it...Trying to kill someone there, dear crush???) But I laughed! Ha!
I'm in a great mood, so I'm going to eat icecream now!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

I goed boom

The floor really hurts, espically when you get beaten up by it. So, I just got home from the hospital about an hour ago. I was getting a wash cloth wet when I started getting really dizzy... my stomach went uneasy and I felt like i was going to get sick, so I headed towards the bath room---and I don't remember what happened in the next couple seconds, I just know I hit the wall and then the floor. It hurt bad. I guess I like fainted or passed out or something. But I couldn't see, it was like I was walking with my eyes shut or something. I don't remember walking, I just remember heading towards the bathroom, then nothing.

So my stepmom took me to the hospital, I had an iv put in me (and i'm terrified of needles) plus some blood drawn. I have strep throat. Yeah. .I'm really sick. last night I was running a fever of 102.5 and that was my highest. that was at 2:26 a.m.

I'm going to go rest now.


Friday, December 5, 2008

You & Me

This is a little part of a poem that I wrote today in school, since in our Language class we are starting on our Poetry section. So I might be posting a LOT of poetry in this color green...☺

You & Me ♥
You're there,
And I'm here,
Two faces,
Two places.

It goes on but it's not with me, so next time i'll make sure to post that one and maybe another one that I wrote.
And maybe one day all of the ones I've ever written.

But now I'm exhausted and ready to kick back and relax in my bed.

Nighty Night!




Well, to tell you the truth it's only one confession, not confessions... Big whoop whoop there, am I right, am I right??
But still totally not the subject.
There's this guy....
Sorry, some people think that when there's a guy involved that it's something bad, but truthfully this is just funny, and kinda stupid.
ANYWAYS... back to the subject.

So one day this guy I know shows up back at the middle school. He's a 9th grader at the high school (which narrows it down to about 160-sumthing) and he was just in the hallway at the middle school (grades 6-8 for those of you who are different)?!?! But it's just like, WHY ARE YOU BACK HERE (which reminds me I was going to ask him that).
Sorry, sidetracked...AGAIN!
But I thought I was going crazy because I was the only one of my friends who had seen him..
SO, at lunch he was standing on this balcony thingie while I was explaining to my friends about it, and I like yelled his name and pointed to him (because I knew he was there) and the funny part: I think he saw me pointing to him (and heard me too, since I was yelling). Because when I "Glanced" (oops, so i was staring...big whoop) back at him I swear he was looking at ME and LAUGHING!

Flattered: yes
Do I happen to kinda sorta have a crush on this one guy??? Why, the answer to this one too, is yes. Does Anne and Hailey know who I'm talking about: Yes they do.
Are they going to tell ANYONE?!?!: This answer is no (unless they Want me to move to my mom's..."HINT, HINT!"
But yes, I do like this guy, and (this is turning out to be more than one confession...) I'm really intimidated by one of his ex's who is my friend's cousin... She's like SUPER skinny and she says she's fat. Um, hello, if your fat, honey, I'm like freaking OB! which is how I feel compared to her (considering the fact that she can eat like a pig) So the likeleeness of me EVER dating this guy this year: Slim,
but I will try next year, I can promise you that!
Next year I'll be, like, thirty pounds thinner (if I'm lucky)
And just a little bit taller. The poem I'm going to post later..
well it's kinda about him.
Tee hee.



Alice and Molly are at it again...

So, Madaline is a friend of Alice and Molly. Madaline was curious about Alice's religion, and asked to have people to help her search for her way to God. Alice decided to have Madaline to go to her youth group, but Molly (assuming that she is jealous) goes 'Don't force your religion on people!' Rudely Alice might add. But all Alice was doing was trying to help Madaline find her path to Jesus. Is that really 'forcing' her religion on Madaline???



Thursday, December 4, 2008

Going to youthgroup.

Fun, fun, fun, to play games and be in the house of God,
Laugh, Laugh, laugh at all of our silly jokes in the house of God,
Sing, sing, sing, worship to Him in the house of God,
Be, be, be myself and truely me in the house of God, w
Where God is shurley to be present.
Watch over us, dear Lord.

(a little five second poem. we're starting poetry in Lang class)



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dearest Ellie of Texas!

Thanks for all your supporting comments. Espically the one about the whole faith thing and the quote you left me. Just hearing that you have faith in me is making my determination even stronger! The more who believe in me, the better I'll be!

Your vampire name is on the way. I added a new one on my friends'. So, I'll work on getting yours done asap!.

I'm excited about my brace and extremely happy to have you as a blog friend!
Thanks for your support!



Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm slowly getting better!

my cold is going away and the doctor said that my wrist isn't fractured, it's strained and I get to take my brace off at night and in 10 days it'll be gone for good!!! YEAH!

I'm felling better, all except the whole no faith thing.




My Vampire Name

So, when I talk about vampires, it'll be this faded red color. When I talk about Twilight, it'll be the blood red.

But an inside joke on Vampires/Werewolfs between a couple friends of mine is that we are in some way vampires.

Me, I'm the halfling, because I show signs of vampireness and then I can be totall out of it and Humanized! I came up with this name myself, and it's my vampire name.


Unusual, right???
Good, that's my aiming point.

Anne, hers is Aliella.

Perky, hers is a wolfling name, Jasethlean.

pretty self explainatory.

I can try to make a few more for anyone who wants one, but it's kinda hard and will take some time. My resources are limited.



No faith in me.

My parents and most of my family thinks I won't make it into Cambridge University in London England. They have no faith in me what so ever.

SO my determination is stronger than ever to prove them wrong! I'm going and then when I get there I won't come back, just because they think I won't make it.

I'm terrible arn't I? such a horrible daughter.

What ever, they'll miss me and it'll be all their fault I'm gone!