Sunday, August 31, 2008

movies: $20, Blogging...priceless!

Sundays, they include a lot for me. Starbucks with s.o.s., Sunday school and church after that, home with new ideas and a little outlook of tomorrow. blah blah and blah, i know, only too well. But this isn't about me (ok, that was a lie, it is about me but besides the point) as i sit here and watch a movie on one of the best love stories in life, The Notebook, i wonder what it is about blogging that everyone likes. I know what blogging is because i have a blog on my myspace but i don't know what to talk about. I know, I know.... if you're going to start a stupid blog to get out your stupid thoughts then you outta know what to blog about... But there is just too much to blog about i don't know which blog about first.

i guess i need to rethink all of this, maybe my movie will give me an idea, in the mean time i'll try to get back to this asap.

<.: O c E d :.>

The truth aouth OECD...

OECD... every one wonders what those letters possibly mean to me. Well the truth is it stands for: Obsessive Edward Cullen Disorder. I know that Edward Cullen is just a book character and a figment of Stephenie Meyer's imigination, but that doesn't mean i can't be obsessive over him. I mean his love, Bella Swan, and i have soooo much in common, like looks and clumsyness, but also in ways unimaginable... well they are imaninable but what ever.

We look alike. We both have Chocolate brown eyes, brunett hair, and a very similar love for books. I'm not the only one with this OECD. Actually my bff has the same disorder. You might know her as Anne, or as another blogger, she is a good blogger. But we both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE LLLLOOOOVVVEEEE!!!!!!! the Twilight Sega by Stephenie Meyer. but we both have many things in common with Bella. And we both agree that Edward Cullen should be so real that i could go to Forks, Washington and call his name and he will come.

But the very, very sad truth to this is that he isn't as real as Anne and i would like him to be, just a figment of our dreams and the books we read.

I can't wait for Stephenie Meyer to finish writing Midnight Sun, Edward's point of veiw of the first book, Twilight. Ahh the beauty of her writeing,... Edward. *SIGHS* well we can't all get a happy ending like Bella's, but mann do i sure wish!

<.: OeCd :.>