Monday, January 26, 2009

Today is....

i was Tandice.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here I Sit a poem.

Here i sit,
With unspoken words,
Air in my lungs,
Tears in my eyes,
My heart on the ground,
My hand outstretched.

Here i sit,
The words are clear,
The scream is silent,
The tears on my cheek,
The heart hurting,
My hand empty.

Here i sit,
I love you,
Don't leave,
I miss you,
I'm so sorry,
Hold me please.
by: Tandice. Age 14.

i was Tandice.

Bryce weldon. <3

Oh. My. Good-ish. I love love love love him. I don't know how i said no that one time. He was ova last night, watching the dark knight with me and Alexis for my birthday on monday. We shared a blanket, and he and i were petting coco, which is our dog, and he would pet my fingers on purpose. Then he sat there and kept teasing me. And he sat so close to me....sigh. We were really killing ourselves with the flirting cuz he has a girlfriend, but we didn't do anything, so he wasn't cheating on her. This one time i accidently rubbed my foot on his but he did it back, so it became a game of footsie. :) oh my goodish, it was so much fun. As soon as he and his gf break up, he is mine! And i have even better news- my mom is wanting to move to the apartments that's down the street from my aunt who lives next door to Bryce!!! Scream! Ah, i can't wait till this summer!
i was Tandice.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The fyi of today.

Could it be the early signs of spring?! The weather is positively beautiful today. The temperature is not too hot nor too cold, the clouds are not thick, letting the sun shine on us in shelbyville. It has got to be the only good thing so far this week. My week has been just terrible... It's been bad enough that i have made up my mind to move to my mom's after i get my tonsils removed on the 29th of may. I'll be relocating cities, brushing some things off my shoulder and to lift my load, starting over fresh. The only real thing that will follow me is my name. Starting this post i'm changing my signature, changing the way i feel and talk. Actually, don't be suprised if i give up blogging for the time being. I'm not in the best mood these days and i don't expect anything to change for a few months. Sure i'll get on and check comments, and you can always e.mail me. I shall not forget in my time of suffering, and i shall try not to die, but fate has a mind of it's own.
i was Tandice

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That's it

Ok, here's what's going on.
I'm mad,
And i'm moving to my mom's this summer.

Tada. NO comments please.


Kitty want a bath?

My cat decided he wanted to take a bath too.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Soccer~licious pt. 2

We had soccer again today, and i am totally getting better, but there's much much room for approvement. I'm not terrible but i'm not the next mia that right? Anyways, i'm working on it, and coach mark totally made me play forward today. He was all, 'you have a powerful kick, i want you on forward.' i know, right.
Luv ya'll!


I'm missing it so bad. The summer. The way the rain would cool down the hot day and trickle down my face, making me dance like theres never been that one guy who hurt me in the long run, never been any pain in my life.
but in the winter the rain takes the freezing form of snow or ice, and that just doesn't trickle. Plus it's already cold. Something to think about i guess...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Did i spell that right? It doesn't matter. The thing i look for in a guy can be found in one place, their hearts of their true selfs. Everyone who agrees comment i. Lol!
But I'm looking for a caring guy who isn't into him self too much. One who can cheer me up and cheer me on. Who doesn't care about what his friends think because he likes me for me. One who wouldn't care if i got over excited about my favorite male actor. A guy who can be himself around me.
God gave us 2hands, 2legs, 2eyes, 2ears, but only 1heart, 1head, and 1set of lips. 1 heart so the other could be found, 1 head because the other is your match, and 1 pair of lips so the other pair would belong to the other head who's body holds the other heart and together, you're perfect. <3 my own little version of that quote.
Ranezea. I was Tandice.


I do NOT understand the male race. They're just...grr sometimes. They are...buttholes! They sit there and want women to stay home while they go out and party with the boys. Are we their slaves?! I'm not speaking from my own personal problems, i'm speaking from the point of the sidelines, from watching other women go through it and it's just painful to see that they stand it, that they suffer from it and don't even try to stop it. Do you know someone like that, who is in that position? Tell them to take action. The male race has no right to treat up like this and if they think they can they can go to hell. I stand my position, and have stated my case. What side are you on?


I've had like 3 and a half hours of sleep total. I'm like a walking dead person right now. I didn't go to sleep until like 5:30 a.m. and i woke up at like 9:36? I don't remember really, cause it's been a few hours. I'm kinda hungry right now, and the last time i ate an actual meal was brunch of pizza yesterday around 11 a.m. Lol! Okay, i'm going to go now, since i'm in the middle of a movie.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, i'm at Alexis's house, and my stomach has returned! We're rocking out to 80's music on guitar hero rock of the 80's. Well if that isn't the most obvious name, i don't know what is! But yeah, we're rockin out and it's almost my turn, so ttyl? jk.


I should be totally excited, right? I'm off on a journey. A journey that really, it's kinda fate. Well, that might be a litte dramatic... But my stomach is...well i was going to say mouth, but i don't think i have a stomach at all. It's kinda left back on my couch, where i first got the message this morning.
Now that i've set up blogger mobile i can blog from anywhere. So, i'll keep you updated on everything that happens this weekend...wait, did i remember to grab my digital camera before i left the house?!?! Aw fiddle sticks! Well. I still haven't paiged my stomach, so i'm prob not going to be able to eat today...gross. Ok, i'm going to go now, but i'll update soon.

Mobile blog.

I'm trying to figure out this mobile blog thing. Hope it's working! Ranezea

the middle of nowhere

When I say middle of no where, i mean MIDDLE OF FREAKING BFE. (Don't ask me what BFE means cuz i don't know.) But yeah, i've gott butterflies in my tummy cuz here soon I'm going to a friend's house. and I haven't seen this friend in 2 or3 years. so yeah.
Wish me luck.

It's not as cold here anymore!!


Friday, January 16, 2009


It is too cold to be humanly normal. Seriously, they closed our school today, just because it was in the negatives. My toes are so cold i'm afraid they'll fall off. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT!
Sorry, song's playing. ^_^
When she smiles!
Another song. ^_^
Dude, I was talking to a friend of mine via instant messaging, and he put this smiley face
*(^-^)* it's my teddy bear now!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's just a tad cold here. But it seems as if it seeps through the walls to chill my bones and freeze my fingers. It's not exactly howling, but i'm sure that it's a terrifing beast trying to eat away the warmth. WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GON?!?!? I really need that warmth, and like now. We have heat, don't get me wrong, it's just that it's really not working downstairs right now....or at least not in my dad's office.

I made a drastic change today! But you'll have to wait.

It's kinda sad...noone's getting on to comment anymore. =( but some of us are busy...i respect that. Wish i was busy, but I don't have soccer till monday...=( Wow. I really need to invest in somethin different to do.
tee hee.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've made changes if you would be ever so kind to comment and let me know what you think! More is on the way!


Monday, January 12, 2009


Tomorrow is going to be my homework, reading, and redoing the ol' blog day. I'm going to read EVERYTHING from this chapter in Biology, do ALL the worksheets, read like 100 pages in my book so Amber will stop gripin at me, then I'm going to completely redo this hole blog. The only thing that's not going to change will be the posts!

Shower for the sweaty gal! Soccer was so much fun today!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

de de de

Pretend that was a melodie. ^_^
I'm in a really great mood even tho my day was sorta kapooish.
I'm talking to someone on another website.
he's pretty cool.
joined another blog with jadyn since we're friends again.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


there was no snow. =(
bryce won't text me. =(
blah. =(

On the bright side??
It's nightitme! ^_^
um, i don't know.
igloo!! HA HA!
I'm weird.
The game, not the drug.
I'm board.
Doctors on the 15th
pepband on the 16th
Alexis's birthday the 16th
my birthday the 26th.
Great month.

No ipod touch till feburary or march =(

Scary movie time ^_^


Friday, January 9, 2009


Smile, tomorrow's a brand new day!
and for some of us, we might be getting some snow!!!! I really truely hope so! If we get snow I can do stupid things, like snowboarding down a steep hill with a couple of my besties from my mom's house! I'm totally excited!
I'm going to go play with my mom's hair and then play internet speed!

17(?) days!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The snow, fluffy and white, has made my wishes come true. I really wanted a little bit of snow this year, since everyone else is getting it BUT us. It's sad that we didn't get a white Christmas...but it's SUPPOSED to snow again Saturday....I truely do hope it does! I'm in such better spirits today, than I was yesterday.

I must apologize to few of my very much apprecitated followers.
Firstly is my dear friend Anne: Aliella, I undersand that I have caused some drama in our friendship, but you must know that I am suffering from depression, by which is slowly dwindling it's way away, but it tends to cause me to overreact sometimes and that is what causes my major mood swings. I realize that by wanting to go to Interlochin that in a way I was taking away your dream, and I truely didn't mean for it to seem that way. I was just looking for something to give myself and escape to another place. I never really thought I would make it anyways. It seems that I have become a little jealous too...not of you, but of Miss Jana. Sometimes I feel that I am being replaced by her. I don't mean to feel this way, but it just happens. I'm sorry for the things that have gone on in the past, espically being grumpy, but I'm trying to be in a better mood from now on, for 'tis a new year upon us faithful gals and I realize that I'm lucky to be where I'm at in life. A new year that will hopefully bring me some great changes for the better good.

Next is Jadyn. Jay Jay "the Jet Plane" I understand that things have really gone haywire between us. It's like a mad house! But as you tend to want to put the blame on me, I shall put the blame on the BOTH of us, and offer things that we can do to fix our situation. Firstly, you seem to like to recive comments, and look for attention that has possibly been stolen away by offence. But when you search for too much attention it goes to your head and makes you act like a spoiled brat...again, no offence. A possible solution: try to please understand that we all get deprived of attention. Let us share it. Secondly, you sometimes fire off rude comments not needed when I'm speaking. (not that I havn't done it once...but I lessoned myself on it) As example I shall use a previous post (but I did delete that comment, so you'll just have to take my word) the one where I said that I was ONE of the ONES to start reading Twilight THIS YEAR. I never said that I was the first one and I was meaning THIS YEAR alone, not last year or possibly the years before. I did not very much apprecitate that at all. A possible solution: we both need to listen to eachother equally and throughly. Should we have something rude to comment about the situation at hand, maybe we should not say them at all. I'm opening my arms to you to try this friendship ONE MORE TIME. Notice I say one, because I'm not going to go throught this any more after this. I have currently unblocked your number in my cellular device, if you want to talk about the post in private.

And Lastly, to all of my other readers you know who you are, I'm terribly sorry for my recent fowl mood. Things are beginning to change starting now. I'm going to make a difference in my life and today is the starting point. Wish me luck, because things are about to get a little bit ugly.

19 days

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's how I feel, so I'm going to go write a little bit, and clear my mind. Sorry.
20 days.


Than talk to Julia. Julia says you say all this...stuff...about me. I don't know if she was making it up or not.
Like the first time I started my quote book: Julia was all, "Anne says that you stole her idea for a quote book."
I was so mad, because you had never said anything about a quote book when I had started putting mine together...And I KNOW that it's the past, but it's still evidence.
Either she's playing me, or you DID say it. But I guess it doesn't matter. You're "not" mad at me, but you say I'm causing drama...that you want to find new friends, that 'it's time for a change'.
I didn't steal the Interlochen thing from you. I've already decided that I didn't want to go. After all, it is your thing...
Since I'm talking about feelings....well never mind. You'll just get mad, and I don't want you mad, because you already act mad enough. There's a lot you really don't know about me....and I'm sure there's a lot I don't know about you.

Sorry for this unruly post, Anne. I'm just, 'getting things out in the open.'


Monday, January 5, 2009


...I didn't know you were going to be like that...

I'm just going to go break down and cry now...since you won't answer that the way I need you to, you'll just be all.....anne/jana-ish. You'll find other questions to go aginst it and you'll just blame me........



WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

My favorite question is now being asked ten-fold of what I've just let you preview. I've now asked this question after a very RUDE comment left by Jadyn...(don't bother trying to find out which one, i've deleted it).

WHY, Jadyn, must you think that I think the world revolves around me?? If you don't have anything nice to say about me on my blog than DON'T READ IT. Anyone who agrees with me, should comment and tell her so too on this post.


Why must he ruin my life, my plans, my past?!?!?!?!?! -Don't ask on that one, it's random.

WHY, Jadyn, do you seek my misery to make you feel better... Don't answer that one, because it'll be nothing but a snide comment.

WHY WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!?!

In other news, my resolutions have been coming along well, or at least my work to getting to them. 21DAYS!!!!


Friday, January 2, 2009

CAN WE SAY SCREAM?!?!?!?!?!?!

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

FANS OF THE TWILIGHT MOVIE, LISTEN UP (well read this blog post!!!!!!!!!!!)


ready, on the count of three scream with me...


NOVEMBER 20, 2009



It's stupid

You know what I hate... The fact that I was all into Twilight and a really big fan of it before the dumb movie and one of the first in the school this year, and then everyone goes to see the movie and becomes a really big fan like they know everything when they didn't and know anything until after they watched the movie!!!! It's so dumb! It's like they pretend to have been really big fans all along, but I'm sure they didn't spend hours into their nights and school work just to read the book for the 3rd or 4th time, or they didn't get on the computer before the Twilight Movie was even showing trailors on the television just to find them and watch them 101 times because you couldn't get enough of it!

I did all those things and so much more, but now I don't even really like the books because too many people are talking about it now and are all like,' OMG OMG OMG!!!' about it. It's become the popular "IN" thing, and I don't do the whole "IN-or-OUT" Thing.
What-ever, ya'know?


24 days.... AHH. In 24 days I turn 14. That's weird. Last year on the 13 of Janurary I had 13 days until I turned 13. That's a lot of 13's. .

I know for a fact that I'm gitting the ipod touch, maybe the ihome, and some secretive gift that my mom was all, 'oh, it's something that you'll need and wanted a little while ago.'
Why didn't she just tell me becasue now I know...a laptop. Muwahahaha!

Wish me Luck!


The cat's outta the bag.

Do you really think that I'm that stupid. I've been paying attention to all you comments and I don't know how I didn't see it when you posted the comment about a 5th Twilight book, but I know it's you. I TOLD YOU THAT YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME (and mine) BY DOING THIS!!!! Geeze.

You've been giving me crap about Twilight for the longest freaking time ever and I'm tired of it. IT'S OVER JADYN!!!! Quit trying to make me mad. Say good bye to your comments and all of that!!! Your little game is over.