Friday, December 5, 2008


Well, to tell you the truth it's only one confession, not confessions... Big whoop whoop there, am I right, am I right??
But still totally not the subject.
There's this guy....
Sorry, some people think that when there's a guy involved that it's something bad, but truthfully this is just funny, and kinda stupid.
ANYWAYS... back to the subject.

So one day this guy I know shows up back at the middle school. He's a 9th grader at the high school (which narrows it down to about 160-sumthing) and he was just in the hallway at the middle school (grades 6-8 for those of you who are different)?!?! But it's just like, WHY ARE YOU BACK HERE (which reminds me I was going to ask him that).
Sorry, sidetracked...AGAIN!
But I thought I was going crazy because I was the only one of my friends who had seen him..
SO, at lunch he was standing on this balcony thingie while I was explaining to my friends about it, and I like yelled his name and pointed to him (because I knew he was there) and the funny part: I think he saw me pointing to him (and heard me too, since I was yelling). Because when I "Glanced" (oops, so i was staring...big whoop) back at him I swear he was looking at ME and LAUGHING!

Flattered: yes
Do I happen to kinda sorta have a crush on this one guy??? Why, the answer to this one too, is yes. Does Anne and Hailey know who I'm talking about: Yes they do.
Are they going to tell ANYONE?!?!: This answer is no (unless they Want me to move to my mom's..."HINT, HINT!"
But yes, I do like this guy, and (this is turning out to be more than one confession...) I'm really intimidated by one of his ex's who is my friend's cousin... She's like SUPER skinny and she says she's fat. Um, hello, if your fat, honey, I'm like freaking OB! which is how I feel compared to her (considering the fact that she can eat like a pig) So the likeleeness of me EVER dating this guy this year: Slim,
but I will try next year, I can promise you that!
Next year I'll be, like, thirty pounds thinner (if I'm lucky)
And just a little bit taller. The poem I'm going to post later..
well it's kinda about him.
Tee hee.




gothic_chick said...

wow thats really really sucks, ive had things like happen to me, not fun at, not fun
but anyways i wish you luck
you might need it

<.:OeCd:.> said...

Thanks, all the luck I can get will come in handy. Hopefully anyways.