Monday, March 30, 2009

So to ya'll

This is Lance, the summer of 2008, and That's Bryce's arm in the background, fyi. Lance loved him like a brother back then.

This picture was taken by me, exactly one week after we had started going out. He's amazing, if I do say so myself. :)

okay, he took this one, and I totally hated me in the background, looking all...ewwish...yeah. He needs the photography class more than I do.

My Boii, Lance. :) He's my other male love, just not in the same way as Bryce... So, now Bryce isn't such a stranger to ya'll anymore. :)

Signed & Laced with Dreams,


The view of our hotel lobby. That's one of their pools was heated.

The view from the 19th floor of our lobby. I got all wobbly legs up there. :)

This is Fred, the bird. I talked to him for around 5 minutes, and he just squaked at me and pooped on the ground. Dumb Fred....but I love him.

This is the LARGEST sharks tooth I found. And see how it's not all the way black, that means it's not as old as the black ones!!

Ripley's Moving Theater in South Carolina. No, I never went in...I just liked the dinosouar...

A really small sign of the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. Didn't go in there either.

This is me. I look a tad burnt, and it's not the greatest picture, but my hair was wet.

That is our "resort" we stayed at. It was lovely.

A flower that came off a vine on the tops of the trees...and my fingers. :)

That's the view from the balcony of our hotel room. Beautiful, isn't it?

The endless water of the Atlantic ocean around 10 in the morning! Notice the thing to the left is a pier. 2nd Avenu Peir to be exact.

This is a picture of the mountains. Not a very good one, but I was in a moving vehicle...

Friday, March 27, 2009

So, um, the beach?

It was...Wow.

Details, yes? Mkay, here they are:

Saturday- after an extremely long 11 hour car ride through a very mountainous terrain (which I hated because I guess someone forgot to tell the cellphone guys to put extra towers on those Appalachian Mountains, so I ran into MANY dead spots on the trip) which ended in me having little sleep because of my 3 year old cousin deciding to kick me in his sleep. We arrived at 4 Saturday morning, only to figure out that our hotel room wasn't going to be ready till at least 2 that afternoon, and by god, none of us wanted to stay in that car much longer. So we went to some weird, cheap hotel to sleep for the night. Had to fit 3 people (2 adults and 1 toddler) on a full sized was not pretty. But we left about 10 Saturday morning and went to walk on the beach. Then we had "brunch" at the pier restaurant called Big Daddy's. Then we went back to the beach, and ended up waiting in our hotel lobby for a while. We really did nothing else, that day, but the first shell I found was a full conch shell!

Sunday- Jeremiah (my 3 year old cousin) wasn't feeling too good. (not like, spewing chunks but like high fever) and he clung to my aunt. They stayed mostly inside while I roamed the beach, scoping it out for cute guys (although it was useless, I'm a coward! and I'm kinda already taken, sorta but not really) and just collecting shells and sharks teeth.

Monday- Went to this boardwalk type shopping thing (I might want to mention that the prices for things are like higher than normal because it's a town on the beach that's MIGHTY popular) and I bought nothing. Then we went back to the beach, and I laid out in my brand new swimsuit. La De Da. Oh, and we also went to more shops. But I bought something there.

Tuesday- Laid out some more. But if you've ever been to Kings Island in Ohio then you've heard about the little slingshot thing, where they strap you into a seat and launch you up in the air like a slingshot? (Yeah, it's pretty self explanatory) but there was one there, at the beach, and my aunt and I rode it! It was just...WOW. I was totally jittery, because I'm terrified of heights. (emphasis on the TERRIFIED part) and the shot us up in the air (over 300 feet and reaching speeds of 120 mph! er, according to the sign too__) and at the very top we got the PERFECT view of the ocean and it felt like forever, but it was only milla-seconds. Did I mention I SCREAMED all the way up? Yeah, and when we did the first flip...whoa, talk about mind boggling. I held on tightly, but after I felt that I was like totally stuck in place when flipping, I was like, whoop! I looked down at my aunt's flip flops on the pavement about 80 feet below us (that's just a guestament, I'm really not that good at guessing distances) I yelled to her, "Your shoes look like ants!" and she deliberately told me to shut up. I glanced at her striken face and laughed the rest of the ride. Totally worth 40 bucks.

We left Wednesday morning. :( but I had fun, got burnt, and lived the life man. I found like 45 sharks teeth in all. I'll post pictures later.

Signed & Laced with Dreams,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

so, i'm home

I'll write more later....i guess. I'm just tired at the moment.

Signed & Laced with Dreams,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm having a typing problem today. not suprising, since i never get on the computer anymore.
But anyways so not the point.
Just wanting you all to have a heads up that i probablly won't be on at all this upcoming week, for I'll be in a wonderful place, by the beach, partyin hard (only because i can) and flirting with guys who I'll never see again (that and i kinda consider myself not single, even though i kinda's confusing and would take up a full 5 minutes to fill you in) but hey, what the heck. :) :) :O
soo, here's how the week is going to go::
Today: Hailey's over. ^^
Tomorrow: Laundry, packing, *possibly* cleaning my room.
Friday: staying the night at my grandma's
Saturday: LEAVING FOR THE BEACH WITH MAMAW! *leaving 4 or 7 in the morning*
Sunday: PARTY HARD AT THE BEACH!!!! *kicking it off with my new bathing suit and slightly less fat body!**
Monday-Wednesday/Thursdsay: Kicking it back at the beach and bringing on a totally hot tan. XD
Coming home later those days. Yeah, so Hailey's over, gotta finish up so i can totally work her butt off. ;) bad part about being friends who's got a goal for this summer.

LOVE YOU HAILEY! *just in case you decide to hate me after today*

32 days!!!!! *and then he will be mine and must beg for forgiveness...(even if he's already forgiven)

Signed & Laced with Dreams,

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today was a superb day!!

It all started yesterday...when I located Beauty...Yeah, I found her finally. She was me yesterday...and I know I probablly sound bipolar, but I swear to you I'm not. I was just dancing around and being carefree, and I happened to glance in the microwave (thank goodish those things are now reflective) and I saw that I was being Beauty, that I portrayed her.

I saw who he fell in love with.


But today was Amazingly superb.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Beauty

The beauty was real, she was me, and I was her, The beauty and I were two halves of one whole. Together, the beauty and I, we were pretty powerful. And now that I have 43 (saying that I'm lucky) until S.O.S. gets outta trouble.....

Beauty, say hello to the people on blogsphere, because slowly, I am carving you out of your ice holding. Soon, Beauty, Very soon, I promise to let you shine all you want. I've just gotta take care of some things....and then you and I shall be one again.....

Signed & Laced with dreams,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Broken Down the Beauty

*inhales deeply*
Ever feel like you've just got so much on your chest that you can't inhale deeply? I can't inhale deeply without wanting to bend over cry. Yeah, the beauty you used to see before you, the one who would freak out at a spider as tiny as a pinpoint, the one who used to believe that monsters would eat me if i didn't stuff stuffed animals under my bed...well that beauty has been broken down into the pile of emotions you read about, the one realizing that as soon as i get away from this mess, maybe i should change back into that beauty. I long to be that beauty who shines because i'm happy, not because someone's told me i did something well. Sure, that's a nice compliment, but everything's so messed up right now... That beauty who was the real me. I'm going to give her the chance to shine again real soon.
Song on repeat: Who I Am Hates Who I've Been, by- Relient K.

thinking about next year,
signed & laced with dreams,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are things just not supposed to go your way?

Or am I just the inevitable type of person where NOTHING ever goes my way?

I finally decided who I want. Bryce. And yet, Let me put this out there, I hate to hurt people's feelings, but I hate lying to them. I have to be like, ok, so no, I don't like you, If they like me and I don't apologize because I'm not sorry I don't like them....

okay, that didn't make any sense what so ever. I don't think it was supposed to make sense. Who knows. It was just random babble of the day.

Random fact of the day: I sleep a lot when I'm depressed. What have I been doing lately??? Sleeping. After school, Sleep, around 10 at night, sleep. inbetween then and 6 sleep.

kinda blank,
Signed & Laced with dreams,

Monday, March 2, 2009

.....ah, 'ell no....

so, today is not the turn out to the best day of my life....wait, it never is. But, that's besides the point...the point is, Ben gave me the wrong date for Bryce's's this Thursday. And now I think I'm going to cry, because I wanted sooo badly to go, but now I can't because of state testing going on right now.... I HATE TESTS!!!! grr....why must i be put through hell?

Pondering love,
Signed & Laced with Dreams,

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bed head

Serious case of bed head for the little one. :)