Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feeling Great!

I'm feeling totally great! Sooo much better than that last post.
Well all except a friend of mine.. her friend comitted suicide. She found out at lunch and was a terrible mess. Me, being religious, I just felt that pain, so I just stopped eating and prayed. I felt calmer after that, and she did too, just a little though. It was painful, yet (and don't take this the wrong way) inspiring. I wrote a poem, mostly on his (the guy who comitted it) and her (for her pain. She hasn't read it yet.)

Death By: Tandice K.****

It's a monsterous thing.
Sad and disturbing,
Killing the hearts
of those it took;
the loved ones gone.

It's a terrible happening.
Ripping and shreading,

leaving poeple alone,
runining their future,
Ending the lives.

It's a sad thing,
Losing and giving up,
Suicide is the end,

And yet, a begining,
To the person's soul.

That deseved to be in black, but you wouldn't be able to read it. It made me want to cry.

So, let's move on to bubblier news so I don't get salty tears down my clean showered cheeks and on my baby blue nightshirt.

Sunday I sent a message to that "Crush" from one of those previous posts. He replied! (which I guess isn't a suprise, since we are sorta friends) but I figured out why he came back! It was to talk to the 7th graders about highschool! Man, if only I was in 7th grade still.
I found out another thing too! I have his old algebra book! (and for some reason I found a piece of broken plastic in it...Trying to kill someone there, dear crush???) But I laughed! Ha!
I'm in a great mood, so I'm going to eat icecream now!