Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pretty flowers

Pretty flowers. I took the picture with my phone, so it's actually kinda of good. I think I took it at a nice angle, with the lighting and everything...

Some of you are probally wondering if I'm doing okay....after some of my older posts. Well, to answer your questions...No, I'm not really ok. I'm doing BETTER, but not all that well. I must say, it's been a nice time, being away for the weekend after what I call the most terrible mental and emotional breakdown ever in my history. It's kind of been an on going process, so when I don't cry one day, it's double the next.

Found out some more information. Bryce's court date is the 7th of March, so I'll be uptight all day that day. I'm actually nervous to hear what's going on, but I hope they won't keep him in over a year. That'd be just heart wrentching, because (as you all should know by now) I still have feelings for him... I'm hoping they'll bring him home soon, or that if he does have to stay for a while, when he gets home, he'll understand the Hell he's put me, his dad, his mom, his younger brother, and the whole neighborhood through. I want him to look me in the eyes long enough for me to say, "Hey, I still love you after all this shit you've put me through, and I'm here to turn you're world upside down. You and I are like...meant to be (or at least in my eyes) and I don't want to see you ruin this for the both of us. I'm here for you now, and together we're going to fix this." He'll probablly laugh at me and say, "Bull shit, I've got Taylor (his last known girlfriend, but idk now that he's in juvi...) and my friends, and I don't need you" or even, "Tandice, get the hell away from me."

Sometimes I wonder if maybe this was his stupi mistake, but my fault.

I suppose I'll let you know. I've been talking to his dad about things and I think, when they find out how long he's supposed to stay in there, I'm going to see if I can't work up the courage to see him. Tell him how stupid he's been. I don't know but I hope to see him soon, because I feel like a part of me is missing.....Does that mean I'm too attached to him... that maybe I should let go a little..I hope not, because I don't have the strength to let go of him. Despite what some adults say, I believe that I know what love is, and that I am and indeed was in love with Bryce.

Geeze, that was a confession of a lifetime...

Well, Orlando Bloom is on TV, playing that HOT elf in Lord of the Rings so maybe he'll cheer me up...Oh, and just to farewarn ya'll I might be grounded for some unknown reason...If I am, that'll suck some major butt.

Trying to get a grip on myself, reality, and the future,

Signed & Laced with dreams,


Friday, February 27, 2009

Lance Michael

This is my 2year old cousin, Lance. He's one of the most amazing people i know. He is one of the reason's i live every day. :) that and Bryce told me once that i wasn't allowed to die. But my cousin...he's everything to me, even if he gets on my nerves sometimes. He's just as cute in person. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daddy dearest,

Are you really so blind to not realize that i hate everything at your house? I never am 100% happy at that house you make me call home. Sorry to burst your bubble, daddy dearest, but i am never coming home for good. You're afraid to lose me, but you've already lost me. You lost me when i said it was rough with things, and that jacob was pissing me off and verbally abusing me. So, i'm leaving. I'm going to mom's this summer, and i'll come over every now and then, if you're lucky, it'll be once every month. I'm not going to put up with it. Today was the last straw.....
Then i realize that you won't read this, but it's good to get it out in the open. Glad you don't read my blog.

really needs a counciler....

signed & laced with dreams forgotten,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh, and, ps....

I saw penguins in the sky!! A little note. :)

Hyperactivity...... :]

I was walking to Kroger with the *EVER AMAZING* Hailey Amber!!! I guess it was only me, but I*** was jamming out! But see, I was soooo hyper, and literally dancing down the street, and I WAS AMAZING but yeah... so anyways, we walked by a pond, and I suddenly yell,

"OMG IS THAT A PENGUIN?!?!?!?" *points to blackish thing in the pond from far away*

"A PENGUIN?!?!" *Hailey thinks I'm on drugs...WHICH I"M NOT!*

The "penguin" turned out to be a goose with it's but in the air. The black things were it's feet.

So, that was my day!!! How about you guys, GOT ANY CRAZY MISHAPS?!?! I wanna know!!

Hyper all the way,
Signed & Laced with dreams,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so, today went a little something like this......

1st, algebra (ick)- absolutely nothing, almost like always.
2nd, S.S. - we chose our high school classes today. *bounces with anticipation*
3rd, lang- read about these poor kids in the holocost. my little girl was murdered in gas chambers at the age of 4 and a half...*tears up*
4th, gym- we worked on our football skills *HUT HUT*
5th, Digital tools- don't understand what we did in this class
6th, band- dude, i think my flute's broken! it totally did not work for me today *scolds Willis((that's my flute's name))*
7th, bio- totally slacked off in this class.

Yepp, such a boring recap on my day.

OH, today is......

NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY **and fat tuesday**
SO, Happy NPD!!! did anyone else besides me crave IHOP all day?!?!

tootles for now!

Signed & laced with dreams,

Monday, February 23, 2009

Well, oops.

i dont know what i did or how i did it, but my wrist is swelling again and it's hurting, so i get to use my brace again for a couple days.

anywhos, I just have to do this......


ok, i'm done. but thanks to my loyal followers!!!!!!

teehee, I'm loved!! and of cours, you all are too!!!

Signed and laced with dreams,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My luck

Ben, Bryce's lil brother, made this, and he gave it to me, and i believe it is my good luck charm. I beat a song on guitar hero that i normally can't beat, and then Bryce himself came home. It's quite exotic, but i like it. :)

signed and laced with dreams,


I am almost in tears.....

He came home, Bryce came home. And they took him, the cops took him. He's going to Juvi, but he's home, he's safe. I am shaking. He called his dad.

Really need someone to talk to. I should get a counclier. AVONLEE, I NEED TO TALK TO YOU AROUND 3 TODAY PLEASE!!! BE MY COUNCLIER, PLEASE!!!!

thankful for him being safe
signed and laced with dreams,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

freaking out at a dangerously high level....

First of all, April, I'm sorry about the non reply lately. It's on my list of things do very soon. Second of all is the title of this post, and the reason I have yet to reply...

Bryce is missing. Like, he ran away, and he hasn't been home, and that was Thursday. I'm constantly freaking out, and I'm never thinking about anything but what could've happened to him. I've been doing the "worse that could have happened" things, and it's really stupid of me to do that, because I've caused myself to think about what if he's dead?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, I'm going to go before I freak out even more....

Signed and laced with dreams,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I HATE HATE HATE THAT WORD. "Never Mind" It makes me so angry. If someone goes to tell you something, and they start telling you, you want to hear the end of it. BUT if they just go nvm, it's like, everyting is fixed, which it's not, because you're left hanging in the air. *grinds teeth in frustration*

Anyways, I've set up a list of goals, but you probablly don't care because it's the typical goal. The whole Weight Loss thing. AND I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR HOW I PROBABLLY DON'T NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT, BECAUSE YES I DO.

That's all,
Signed and laced with dreams,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wanna know what I hate??? my step brother. It's really as simple as that. I do something good for him, and he's an idiot. More details....well, so, he does wrestling, and he had a meet tonight. When he has meets he stays after school, so I was alone with my dad, for like, 5 minutes total, because daddy'o wanted to take a nap. (yeah, he's getting old...) But from like 3:30 till 7:10 I was all by my lonesome <-(kudos to me man, that was my old dog's name)-> so, I figured HIS (and I can not stress enough how much I hate that dog. IT RAPED MY CAT AND TURNED MY CAT GAY!!!!! plus, it's kinda like, hate owner, hate dog type of thing for me...) anyways;; HIS DOG would need to be taken out, so I did the NICE WONDERFUL FAMILY thing and took out his dog, and took care of it for 4 hours WHILE I did his chores AND my chores AND my chores from YESTERDAY. **Sighs** all he had to say...nothing. What he did do was threaten to throw MY cat across the room. yeah, and that's where it all started....

random fact of the day: I cry when I get angry, so you can guess I've cried at least once today.

kinda hopeful...
Signed and laced with Dreams,

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's allll good. (phew)

Well, instead of talking to my stepmom (which would have been the most stupid thing to do, since the baby in her tummy happens to be causing her hormone levels to skyrocket...) I talked to my dad about my iPod. I called walmart, and well, I had to take it in and they gave me a new one for trade of my old one!! SOOO, just in case you're all wondering, Yes, I have a tendency to overreact at the most random things. HAVE FUN TRYING TO UNDERSTAND ME!!!

Apologies for freaking out,
Signed and laced with dreams,

This can't be happening

It's frozen. My BRAND NEW iPod TOUCH IS FROZEN ON THE SHUTDOWN SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am practically hyperventaling here, because if my stepmom finds out, she'll blame it on me and I will DIE. SHE WILL HANG ME BY MY TOES FROM THE 2ND STORY WINDOW AND TELL ME WHAT A BAD CHILD I AM AND HOW UNGREATFUL I AM!!!!!!

help me please.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


1.You must post these rules.
2.You need to list 8 random things or habits that you do or have.
3.Bloggers that get tagged must write on their own blog about their 8 things.
4.At the end of the post you must list 8 people to get tagged.
5.Leave the people comments on their blogs saying you tagged them.

My wonderful 8 random things and habits:

1.I'm trying to enhance my vocabulary. =D
2. Enhancing my vocabulary shall do nothing for me if I can't spell, which I can't!!!!
3. I can't write my storys in order by chapter. I have to skip around or I can't finish it. I don't know why though...
4. I am seriously shy when it comes to pictures. I have to be in a REALLY good mood to take a picture, and even then I hate it the next day
5. I like to spice up gym by singing the most random songs as loud as I can while doing an activity. XD
6. I bite my lips when I'm nervous.
7. OH! I contacted on of my favorite authors, and I'm hoping to get a reply soon!!!
8. Wow, here's a shocker for you, I've never been kissed, and I've only had one boyfriend....

Oh, wait, was that considered nine?!?!?! Whatever, I'll be special and consider it nine.

Here are SOME of my wonderful followers who I would like to tag:
1. Always Aliella
2. Hailey
3. Ellie from Welcome to My World Through Brown Eyes
4. Olive (aka Jordan)
5. Jadyn (you know who you are)
6. Bleutrumpet
7. Gothic_Chick
8. Any one (or all) of the Rebel Angels.


Signed & Laced with Dreams


Yeah or nah?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've done it again

It seems as if I'm always making someone upset. And normally that person is my dad. I don't want to go to the movies to see Mall Cop-AGAIN; because seriously, the first time it was only funny because it was stupid. I don't think I'll be able to watch it again without getting bored out of my mind. Then he's like, well you can come to lunch with us, and I don't want to go to lunch. I don't want to do anything becasue it's Valentine's Day and, being single, I deserve to stay at home and sulk about how time can't go fast enough and I can't be at my mom's fast enough to find the perfect guy. I found one once, but he turned out to, well not so perfect. But the guys here, well, I choose not to date any of them, no offence guys. But yeah, and my grandma hasn't called or come yet, so that's probablly a no go, and my dad's like really mad at me because I don't want to do something with the family....UM, FYI, that "step brother" of mine is the reason I am moving, so why would I want to spend time with him???
Take a Hint, pleas father.

Slightly peeved,
Signed & Laced with Dreams,

Friday, February 13, 2009

oh my

If your friend has been damaged in the past, and you know about it, and the person who hurt them is not around at the moment, and your friend seems down..should you talk to someone about what's going on with them???

Much confusion,
Signed and laced with Dreams,

I'm home!!!

Home as in the wonderous blogsphere. I'm glad that I'm back, and sorry for the six day vacation, but I think I needed it. It feels good to finally get back on here totally tho. I've been posting from my cellular device because i activated blogger mobile. =D I have to admit that it's great to be able to post with the text of the phone. Anyways, happy early Singles Awareness Day!! although..I'm not exactly single..thanks to Anne. She got me a V-Day's a boyfriend!! He's sweet, has a nice body, doesn't talk much, so he's kinda shy, he smells great, and he actually listens!!! but the problem is he doesn't respond when i ask him a question....

here's the downside to this totally amazing guy....he's a sponge. *insert in a crowd of laughter here*

ahh, wonderous jokes. XD

Signed with love,
Tandice the Dreamer♥

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Multimedia message

Me & anne

Friday, February 6, 2009

Latest pic. :)


[Peace, love, & music]

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There feels as if there's a gaping hole in my heart. No, i'm not missing Jesus, or like my friends or family, but more like an emotion. Come to think of it, i know what that emotion is. It's love. Not love as in what your parents can give you, but like the love of someone different, like a boyfriend. And i'm not talking about like making out or even kissing, but just knowing that there's a guy out there that will love me one day...i feel hopeful. It's what i'm missing, and i'm hoping it'll be filled sometime soon. This Valentine's day will be my 14 single awareness day, and Valentine's day as a single woman. Wonder when that'll change......

[Peace, love, & music]

Random pictures =D

My friend, Jocelyn, drew this for me.

I took 2 hours or more to color it.

and then i scanned it!!!!!

[Peace, love, & Music]

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Remember is a game i play with my friends.

remember that one guy at that one place by that one building that was next to that one park that was by that river that had that bush shaped like that one animal? Oh, you mean in that one town? With that one rock? Oh oh next to that other building? With that girl who was all, "oh mi gwad i like broke a nail!!"And that one ugly shirt? Totally? Dude, that guy was hot!

welcome to the game of remember. :) anywho, that picture. Yeah, anne made that for me. Isn't it beautiful?!

[Peace, love, & music]

Sunday, February 1, 2009


It is too hot to be normal. I mean we had a foot of snow and now it's melting at a very fast rate. Not normal...

[Peace, love, & music]