Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a go!

Project:try to convince my dad to let me apply for the Interlochen Scholorship program is a total go. Now, if I win (wich I hope Anne and I make it hard on the judges, cuz Anne, if I win it will be a miracle aginst you) The NEW project will be getting alll of the funds paid and convincing my mom this is what's best. Who knows. Wish me luck, and ANNE; I wish you all the luck! If i don't win I hope, no Pray TO GOD that you do! Both of us deserve to go, and I'm going to follow you shortly if I don't make it.

Wish us luck!!!! We'll need it.

Now if only I could publish a book quick enough to get college tuition....



Roxanne said...

Why is it a competition? Does Interlochen only give out 1 scholarship? You could BOTH earn the scholarship.

-*WOLFY*- said...

on 30000 scholarship and then some others that aren't as good