Monday, December 29, 2008


Okay, you all have me lost. How many people are posting comments under the anonymous?? Who are you?!?! GAH, you all are being extreamly weird!!!

I'm sitting at my aunt't house, where I've been since Christmas. My dad wasn't too happy about my requested long term stay, but I'm going to be here until he says I have to come home for another family dinner thing, but I don't like this grandpa, so it's going to bite.
I got to see a good friend today. Actually he's my exboyfriend, but still a good friend. It's the first time I've seen him in...gosh, like two months?? I don't remeber, but I'm thinking he likes me--AGAIN. But I think I like him again, myself. That's bad. But I'm going to see him again tomorrow...hopefully. Unless he bails out on me. So, I'm kinda excited.

Had a dream about him... We had actually kissed when we went out... Which I've never done. We'll see what happens.



Anonymous said...

I am. Then their is this other chic socks who posts

Ranezea♥♪ said...

So, you who just posted a comment above, you are polkadot socks and the other one is stripe socks. GOT IT?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Polkadot socks says; I can deal with that.

Stripe Socks said...

Alright. I am the real Anonymous. This is just getting stupid. I AM THE REAL ONE. ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS. Polka dot socks is merely an imitator. So to make things less confusing I will do this.

Anonymous said...

Polka dot socks: I can do whatever I want so getover it ok stripedy sockface