Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I've got some free time on my hands so I just kinda got on the computer. Sorry I lied....well actually I wasn't planning on getting on.. so I didn't lie...did I?? The mysterious person who comments on my blog....WHO ARE YOU?????????
It's actually kinda freaking me out a little because I don't know who you are and I'm getting a little insecure about this. I mean sure, I only know a couple of the people who read my blog, like the Rebel Angels: one of them is my penpal, and then Jasethlean and 8401 (or something of the sorts) and Aliella are my friends, Roxy goes to my church.... But Alice and Gothic Chick I don't know, but I can read their blogs and that helps me a little on secure side... Seriously if I know who you are, don't hold out on me here... Give me a hint!!! are you male/female, teenaged/adult/under 13??????? Do you live in a town called SHELBYVILLE?!?!?!?!

Anyone else scared?!?!?!



Anonymous said...

I'm female, 14 years old. I don't live in Shelbyville. I am not trying to kill you or anything, I just enjoy mystery :D

<.:OeCd:.> said...

Okay, that I can live with. At least you aren't stalking me.

Anonymous said...

I'm 13 female. And live in shelby, tucky.
Sincerely polkadot socks