Monday, February 16, 2009

It's allll good. (phew)

Well, instead of talking to my stepmom (which would have been the most stupid thing to do, since the baby in her tummy happens to be causing her hormone levels to skyrocket...) I talked to my dad about my iPod. I called walmart, and well, I had to take it in and they gave me a new one for trade of my old one!! SOOO, just in case you're all wondering, Yes, I have a tendency to overreact at the most random things. HAVE FUN TRYING TO UNDERSTAND ME!!!

Apologies for freaking out,
Signed and laced with dreams,


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

ooh, yeah, my ipod shuffle died, and is still was my favorite since no one else had one like was orange.

but it got waterlogged, and doesn't turn on i either have to get it fixed or get a new one, but i will never have such a wonderful orange shuffle like that ever again :(

glad that your dilemma is solved :)
sorry to burden you with my sob story...

<3 lise

Tandice the Dreamer said...

It's ok, I love feedback from my readers, even if it is a tale of their own!!! Sorry about your orange shuffle tho.

Kudos for the reply!!

M said...

yea my ipod died a year ago, im saving for a 30 but that will be months from now! waaaa!