Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I HATE HATE HATE THAT WORD. "Never Mind" It makes me so angry. If someone goes to tell you something, and they start telling you, you want to hear the end of it. BUT if they just go nvm, it's like, everyting is fixed, which it's not, because you're left hanging in the air. *grinds teeth in frustration*

Anyways, I've set up a list of goals, but you probablly don't care because it's the typical goal. The whole Weight Loss thing. AND I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR HOW I PROBABLLY DON'T NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT, BECAUSE YES I DO.

That's all,
Signed and laced with dreams,


SimplyShy01 said...

Yeah, at my school, if someone talks to a person and the person they're talking to doesn't hear, they sometimes say "nevermind." Whenever I don't hear, I'd prefer the person to politely repeat. That's what I'd do the person that wasn't listening.

If you want to lose weight, do it! Don't let other people change your mind if you're not willing to change your desision (sp?). It's your life!

Have a nice day :)!

Tandice the Dreamer said...

it's *decision* but close!! Thanks for cheering me on! I'm having a friend of mine do it with me, just so I'm not alone.

Love you're comments!


kirsty909 said...

i hate it aswell when people are like
and your like "WHAT WHAT??"
and they are like
"oh dw"
that pisses me off too :)
haha xxx

Hailey said...

yo tk u have 19 followers, YOUR INSANE!!! and u are so not alone. and im sorry i say nevermind a lot. i just think that what i have to say is stupid after i start to say it.

Fendi-Babe said...

I know wat u mean about the weight loss thing. My peeps r all- 'u don't need to lose weight ur so pretty! i love ur hair!' first of all- im not talkin about my hair!!!! second- have u seen my stomach!?!?!?!? i needd to drop a pound or two!!!!
ya all the skinny people tell me i dont need to lose weight.
AHHHH! i hate when people say nevermind. I MIND!