Saturday, February 7, 2009

Multimedia message


Ellie said...

hi. i just wanted to let you know that i am back from mars and here to rock n roll the blogosphere! hope to hear from you soon!

i think i asked u this before, and im sorry, but how do you do that little heart thing? next to ur name on this comment page?

Bleutrumpet said...

Hi, thanks for subscribing, or whatever ;-)
I'll subscribe back.
And I was reading your other posts....don't ya just love Single Awareness Day?
I should put up some icons that say that on them, I forgot to look for them this year ;-)
And sometimes I get that empty feeling too. But when I get a hug from a good friend or a person I like, the emptiness seems to go away, or not be as strong.

Tandice the Dreamer said...

Ellie, dearest, it's the alt button and the number 3. it's okay, and I'm gkan you're back!!!

Bleutrumpet: thank you!!! Hugs are the best things in the world.

Signed with love,
Tandice the dreamer