Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There feels as if there's a gaping hole in my heart. No, i'm not missing Jesus, or like my friends or family, but more like an emotion. Come to think of it, i know what that emotion is. It's love. Not love as in what your parents can give you, but like the love of someone different, like a boyfriend. And i'm not talking about like making out or even kissing, but just knowing that there's a guy out there that will love me one day...i feel hopeful. It's what i'm missing, and i'm hoping it'll be filled sometime soon. This Valentine's day will be my 14 single awareness day, and Valentine's day as a single woman. Wonder when that'll change......

[Peace, love, & music]


gothic_chick said...

i know what you mean
i fell that alot
it hurts but at the same time you know its out there and it does make you hopefull