Sunday, January 18, 2009


Did i spell that right? It doesn't matter. The thing i look for in a guy can be found in one place, their hearts of their true selfs. Everyone who agrees comment i. Lol!
But I'm looking for a caring guy who isn't into him self too much. One who can cheer me up and cheer me on. Who doesn't care about what his friends think because he likes me for me. One who wouldn't care if i got over excited about my favorite male actor. A guy who can be himself around me.
God gave us 2hands, 2legs, 2eyes, 2ears, but only 1heart, 1head, and 1set of lips. 1 heart so the other could be found, 1 head because the other is your match, and 1 pair of lips so the other pair would belong to the other head who's body holds the other heart and together, you're perfect. <3 my own little version of that quote.
Ranezea. I was Tandice.