Friday, January 23, 2009

The fyi of today.

Could it be the early signs of spring?! The weather is positively beautiful today. The temperature is not too hot nor too cold, the clouds are not thick, letting the sun shine on us in shelbyville. It has got to be the only good thing so far this week. My week has been just terrible... It's been bad enough that i have made up my mind to move to my mom's after i get my tonsils removed on the 29th of may. I'll be relocating cities, brushing some things off my shoulder and to lift my load, starting over fresh. The only real thing that will follow me is my name. Starting this post i'm changing my signature, changing the way i feel and talk. Actually, don't be suprised if i give up blogging for the time being. I'm not in the best mood these days and i don't expect anything to change for a few months. Sure i'll get on and check comments, and you can always e.mail me. I shall not forget in my time of suffering, and i shall try not to die, but fate has a mind of it's own.
i was Tandice


Oh, I've forgotten which socks I was said...

That's amazing! You're so lucky! I wish I could just move to a new town and start over...You have the opportunity to totally reinvent yourself! I'm so jealous...

Ranezea♥♪ said...

don't be. It's totally Hell at my current home, or i would'nt move
I was Tandice