Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bryce weldon. <3

Oh. My. Good-ish. I love love love love him. I don't know how i said no that one time. He was ova last night, watching the dark knight with me and Alexis for my birthday on monday. We shared a blanket, and he and i were petting coco, which is our dog, and he would pet my fingers on purpose. Then he sat there and kept teasing me. And he sat so close to me....sigh. We were really killing ourselves with the flirting cuz he has a girlfriend, but we didn't do anything, so he wasn't cheating on her. This one time i accidently rubbed my foot on his but he did it back, so it became a game of footsie. :) oh my goodish, it was so much fun. As soon as he and his gf break up, he is mine! And i have even better news- my mom is wanting to move to the apartments that's down the street from my aunt who lives next door to Bryce!!! Scream! Ah, i can't wait till this summer!
i was Tandice.