Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The snow, fluffy and white, has made my wishes come true. I really wanted a little bit of snow this year, since everyone else is getting it BUT us. It's sad that we didn't get a white Christmas...but it's SUPPOSED to snow again Saturday....I truely do hope it does! I'm in such better spirits today, than I was yesterday.

I must apologize to few of my very much apprecitated followers.
Firstly is my dear friend Anne: Aliella, I undersand that I have caused some drama in our friendship, but you must know that I am suffering from depression, by which is slowly dwindling it's way away, but it tends to cause me to overreact sometimes and that is what causes my major mood swings. I realize that by wanting to go to Interlochin that in a way I was taking away your dream, and I truely didn't mean for it to seem that way. I was just looking for something to give myself and escape to another place. I never really thought I would make it anyways. It seems that I have become a little jealous too...not of you, but of Miss Jana. Sometimes I feel that I am being replaced by her. I don't mean to feel this way, but it just happens. I'm sorry for the things that have gone on in the past, espically being grumpy, but I'm trying to be in a better mood from now on, for 'tis a new year upon us faithful gals and I realize that I'm lucky to be where I'm at in life. A new year that will hopefully bring me some great changes for the better good.

Next is Jadyn. Jay Jay "the Jet Plane" I understand that things have really gone haywire between us. It's like a mad house! But as you tend to want to put the blame on me, I shall put the blame on the BOTH of us, and offer things that we can do to fix our situation. Firstly, you seem to like to recive comments, and look for attention that has possibly been stolen away by offence. But when you search for too much attention it goes to your head and makes you act like a spoiled brat...again, no offence. A possible solution: try to please understand that we all get deprived of attention. Let us share it. Secondly, you sometimes fire off rude comments not needed when I'm speaking. (not that I havn't done it once...but I lessoned myself on it) As example I shall use a previous post (but I did delete that comment, so you'll just have to take my word) the one where I said that I was ONE of the ONES to start reading Twilight THIS YEAR. I never said that I was the first one and I was meaning THIS YEAR alone, not last year or possibly the years before. I did not very much apprecitate that at all. A possible solution: we both need to listen to eachother equally and throughly. Should we have something rude to comment about the situation at hand, maybe we should not say them at all. I'm opening my arms to you to try this friendship ONE MORE TIME. Notice I say one, because I'm not going to go throught this any more after this. I have currently unblocked your number in my cellular device, if you want to talk about the post in private.

And Lastly, to all of my other readers you know who you are, I'm terribly sorry for my recent fowl mood. Things are beginning to change starting now. I'm going to make a difference in my life and today is the starting point. Wish me luck, because things are about to get a little bit ugly.

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.:aliella♥:. said...

i'm sorry too toots =]
ily :D

Ferocious Dinosaur said...

I didn't mean the whole Jordan reading it first thing. I was trying to be truthful. This whole thing is making me act different, I'm trying to be more worthy of God's love and I hope by making this change I am improving myself to be a better person. I am forgiving and forgetting my old life, because it's just not me. I'm not me anymore. And I wish icoul be that little kid I used to be, whenever I needed anything I could call, and I'd help me out. But now I can't because of this whole thing, I can tell the other day I couldn't walk past u in the hallway without feling intimadated, not the point. I just wish I could be that little kid again talkig It out in instead of crying myzel to sleep because things that have been said by u or me even JULIEA BECAUSE BLNOW SHE SAYING IM A BAD PERSON AND SHOULD BE MORE LIKE U AND ANNE AND I SHOULDNT BE MEAN; by she won't even give me a chance to tell her I'm changing. I'm trying. And that's all that should matter. I'm sorry to. And I'd like to take that chance. Thanks sincerely jay jay the no longer jetplane.