Sunday, January 18, 2009


I do NOT understand the male race. They're just...grr sometimes. They are...buttholes! They sit there and want women to stay home while they go out and party with the boys. Are we their slaves?! I'm not speaking from my own personal problems, i'm speaking from the point of the sidelines, from watching other women go through it and it's just painful to see that they stand it, that they suffer from it and don't even try to stop it. Do you know someone like that, who is in that position? Tell them to take action. The male race has no right to treat up like this and if they think they can they can go to hell. I stand my position, and have stated my case. What side are you on?


Ellie said...

i am back! hello! and i must say, some men are complete and utter pigs. but fortunately, i have found a person who is the EXACT opposite. he tries to do everything in the world he could possibly do for me. so sweet! i guess we just have to get lucky. but why won't some of those girls take a stand for themselves? it is painful to watch!