Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are things just not supposed to go your way?

Or am I just the inevitable type of person where NOTHING ever goes my way?

I finally decided who I want. Bryce. And yet, Let me put this out there, I hate to hurt people's feelings, but I hate lying to them. I have to be like, ok, so no, I don't like you, If they like me and I don't apologize because I'm not sorry I don't like them....

okay, that didn't make any sense what so ever. I don't think it was supposed to make sense. Who knows. It was just random babble of the day.

Random fact of the day: I sleep a lot when I'm depressed. What have I been doing lately??? Sleeping. After school, Sleep, around 10 at night, sleep. inbetween then and 6 sleep.

kinda blank,
Signed & Laced with dreams,


SimplyShy01 said...

No, it made sense. And that's good that you don't like to hurt people's feelings and lie!

Have a nice day :)!