Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Bunch of Randomness to Get You Thinking

As someone struggles with the fact of life that they are never going to get the person you want, do they date others, wait for the person to finally come to their senses, crush on others but stay loyal to someone you aren't dating, or just totally ditch them? Have you been in that position? Knowing you have someone wrapped around your little finger, and you wish to use that against them?

A raging battle inside yourself. What to do, what to wear, what to do with your hair, which outfit looks great...and for what? You primp yourself, critize yourself, tell yourself that you will NEVER be enough to fill in the place, replace what life was like. Why not just give up on the useless and accomplish something for once?

Over and over you say, "this is it, I'm done with it." Coming in second is not for you, so do you rant and rave or do something about it. Punch a wall, cuss up a storm, kick the rocks, cry, breakdown...sometimes you are at a loss on what to do with life, so you make excuses, you decided not to do anything, just give up your dreams, and forget that you deserve better than this.

"Somehow, somewhere, I fell for you, now I'm trying to find out if I'm going to get up and try again for someone else or if I'll wait for you."



Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Do what's right for you, don't base your life and descisions around another person.