Monday, September 7, 2009

A Month Long Gone

So I have been gone about a month. No word what so ever from me, except your comments being accepted and published on my blog. That was as close as it got for words. So where I last left you all, I had made a comment on Jumper Cables and Friendship. Lets just say my friendship thing got a lot worse.

I lost one of my friends, because I moved. I was all for trying to get ahold of her and she never got back. It's not like I can magically make her answer her phone, so that was a piece of crap. I honestly dont know whether I am happy that the friendship has ended or if I am upset. Right now I'm happy about it but that's just because she was REALLY starting to get on my nerves, letting high school change her like she said it wouldn't. I mean, I said I wouldn't let high school change me, and I've stuck through on that.

I went to a totally AMAZING Nickelback concert. It was great. Hailey, Her mom and dad, and I were all WOOHOO and singing and jumping and I knew all the songs except like one.

Like 3 days before the concert I started Freshman year of high school. The very first day was SO scary. I hardly knew anyone because I moved, and I was like two classes ahead. But all my band friends made me feel welcomed.

That was another thing that I was struggling with in the times I left you all, whether to join marching band or not. I decided to go ahead and join and I AM GLAD I DID. I have met so many people now and it helps.

I dont know if I mentioned knee problems in the past, but I had knee pains and finally I went to the doctor about it. I have what they call PF Syndrome, or Pateller Femeroal Syndrome. The right side of my quads are stronger than the left side and the right side is pulling my knee cap, causing pain and all. So I am no on meds, and I'm going to physical therapy to fix the problem. If it doesnt help then I will probably have to get MRIs and a whole crap load of tests.

So, I've been putting off what a lot of you probably want to know about. Bryce. Well, let's just say he is history. I am done with all of his crap. He took everything too far this time. He went and broke probation EVERY SINGLE DAY since the 13th of August. And then one day he decides to skip school. He steals from his house, the XBOX360, ALL of the 360 games (including a special limited addition of Gears Of War 2), his brother's iPod touch, and his brother's house key. He SOLD all of the XBOX36o stuff, claims someone STOLE his brother's iPod touch (which had a good 100 dollars or more worth of songs and games on it), and was going to GIVE the key to his hous away to some person to STEAL from it to get back at his dad for "turning him into the police." So yes, I am COMPLETELY OVER HIM and will NEVER AGAIN date him or the bad boy type! That is one thing I can PROMISE.

So like, there is this guy (its funny how once you realize that someone was a fake you can easily get over them.) and his name is Xaiver. He is, by far, one of the nicest guys I have met. He is so sweet, and he likes me, and I like him, but there is something standing in our way. He has a girlfriend. And he isn't one to go around and break up with one girl for another. So we aren't dating. But one day I'm sure we will. Until then I'm single (or until I find one guy TO date) and We will just be friends. But it's ok, right?

SO with Marching Band after school Mondays from 3:30-5:30, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9 I have NO time to get on and post, but I was recently gifted with a laptop so that should help. I'm doing my best to find time in my busy life for you all and I PROMISE I will do it. You have not been forgotten and your comments are much appreciated.

Tired and ill prepared for tomorrows practice,



Crescentise said...

It's lovely to hear you're back on track, though I feel so angry for you having to go through all of this. You've made it through, so a really heartfelt congratulations from me. I really hope it goes uphill from here. Remember that your true friends, they know who they are, will always be here for you.


Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Ah, the glories of marching band.
You gotta love it. (I know I do! It's the best freaking part of my day, no matter how awful it is, haha).
I'm glad everything is turning out OK for you with all that you've been going through since you last posted.

DarkJewel said...

gotta love marching band,especially when you have to march at night in the dark without lights!haha! ...anyways,so glad to hear you're making it through all this.hope things keep getting better for you,best wishes! :)