Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sometimes I just Wanna....

Pull out my hair,
Punch a wall,
Kick in a door,
Cuss out the world,
Get ran over by a car,
Crash a car into a tree,
Give the world all I have, until nothing is left and I can wither away.

My life has been stolen. The devil attacked at my weakest point. And for what? What have I done to deserve this? To have my life snatched right out from under my nose, rubbed in my face everywhere I go? Sometimes I just want to give in. Let go of what matters and screw up my life. Just to see where it would take me.

But right now I don't even want to live. My life is gone.



Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Don't give up hope, it will turn out ok in the end. Even if it doesn't seem like it will today, just keep trying. Try to stay positive.

maya said...

everyone has had those scream into a pillow but wish you were screaming in someones face days. i had 1 yesterday. i hate those days when you just want to put on some crazy dark eyeliner, dye your hair black, and tell everyone that the new you ate the old one.but jst keep staying true to yourself and dont give up

BitterSweet said...

I know just how you feel girl. Sometimes I just wanna as well. And from someone who's been at the "life is gone and not worth continuing" point let me tell you. IT IS! I promise you. Something will happen to show you. Yeah life sucks sometimes...ok ok a lot of the time...but trust me the good times are worth it. Hold on.