Sunday, August 2, 2009

My own little world

There are times in my day where I only wish to disappear. It's a
constant thing, and to satisify my need I created my own little
twilight family...sorta. I have compared my life to the life of bella,
and I did that once before-back before twilight hit the big spotlight.

Now I've put my people in the place of hers.

Bella: me. I have the same looks, clumsieness, and some what

Edward: Bryce. He his not pale at all, but he thinks he's the bad guy
and he thinks that me and him being together will cause me to get into
trouble. But he's sweet.

Jacob: Kyle. I have only talked about him once, and that was about the
time he asked me out. He and I were friends a few years ago but we
were split up after a while. Now when bryce "left" I looked to Kyle to
fill the void, just like bella does when edward leaves.

Ironic? Nope. But I also have switched it around (since I'm all for
team Jacob)

Jacob: bryce. Tall, tan, muscular, acts before he has the chance to
think. He's all into other girls (Jacob likes bella) but he doesn't
see what bella tries to say when she wants him to leave. (does that
make any sense?)

Nessy: me. I'm young. And for some reason I have bryce hooked to me
from the start.

That's all.




SimplyShy01 said...

Wow, your life is pretty similar to the Twilight series! That's cool!

Take care and have a nice day :)!