Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At the End of the Day

I think life gets harder for me as the sun goes down. Like right now I wish to cry because of the things I miss and the things I will soon face.

Things I miss:
•Bryce. Isn't it obvious by now that I always miss him?

•His hugs (I didn't get one today)

•Being able to openly talk to him about anything (right now I'm paranoid about being judged which has a lot to do with school)

•Just everything about him, ya know?

Things I should expect, or am expecting for some odd reason:

•School sign ups to be a disaster.

•To find out Bryce is actually bipolar and that is the cause of his troubles. (I actually spent the time to look up bipolar disorder and he fits pretty well.)

•Bryce to tell me to get a life. (go ahead and ask why...)

•To be some kind of hated freak at school.

•To lose someone. (I'm not sure who, I just have a feeling)

I have more cons than pros. Ouchhs.

Teary eyed && tired



Emerald said...


Hey, I noticed you got a new pic. You look a bit happier in the new one.

Crescentise said...

Pretty new picture, Tandice~

~ I read a book about someone having a bipolar wife, who was pregnant. In it the husband was calm about the bad moods and loving in the other ones. You don't have to live in fear of a mental illness, if he happens to have it or show characteristics. It's sometimes a part of life and you should treat it that way - adapt. Bear in mind, if he really is bipolar then he will likely not mean anything he does or says in the bad parts.

~ About school, all it takes is the tiniest thing to get a new friend. Really. I met Kiki because I thought she looked lonely and asked her to sit with me at lunch. I gradually got to know the rest of her friends. I met Cleo and Kat by offering them a Smint. Hell, I met Jay by sticking up for Kat when they were being mean to each other. In the first stages you have to remember to be polite and a bit on guard - but please don't stress about it. You seem like such a friendly likeable person and I don't think that should differ when it comes to a new school.

Best of luck. I'm rooting for you, Tandice. Don't worry.

Love and hugs,

alice said...

sorry bryce is being all crazy but realy, arnt most guys?


SimplyShy01 said...

Being a teen is hard isn't it? Ugh!

I doubt you'll be a hated freak in school, I can't think of anyone that would hate you. And I doubt Bryce will mean any of the mean things he says.

I feel the same way. I feel that at times, I have more cons than pros.

Please, take care and have a nice day :)!