Monday, June 15, 2009

A thought....

So, I'm the type of person who always has the future on mind. That's just how I am. It started just over a year ago. About the time I started crushing on Bryce to the max. It's sort of a dream, but at the same time it's just a possibility.

The way Bryce acts around me, my family, and just people, it's almost like we're dating again. He's so sweet to my cousin, polite to my aunt and mom, not afraid to flirt with me in public, and around me....he tries to hide how much he likes me. He's just easily persuaded by me.

But back to the whole thought thing/dream. I get reminded it alot, especially when he's messing around with my cousin. I pictured what it would be like to marry him. Wearing a very elegant gown, non-traditional colors, Bryce in a tux....(this is where my heart melts) and the way he glances at me as he says "I do", the soft, formal kiss he gives me when the words, "You may kiss the bride" are spoken.

I see a nice house, maybe in the country, but it's a huge house, lightly colored, pleanty of space. I see a little girl, lightly tanned skin, wavy to curly hair, hanging down her back, running in the yard. A boy, the same size, short cut hair, tanned skin, running after her, laughing as she squeals. I pop out from behind a corner, with our dog barking wildly at me as I pretend to attack the girl (she is my child) and then Bryce sneaking up on our son, lifting him into the air. We go in when the sun sets, putting each child in the bath real quick, then sitting on the couch for a movie. Then, sitting in the kid's room, reading a book, kissing them goodnight, and the soft whispers of "I love you" floating across the room as we shut the door, heading back to the living room to clean up. Happy as can be, beautiful family, my life would be perfect. I would be an author, working at home, Bryce beign a successful person (he's not sure what he wants to do yet) and being home on the weekends. It would be lovely...

But it's only a thought. A huge possibility. Two in Five women marry their first love. I'd be so Greatful to be one of those two.

In other news, it was announced today that I might have a job lined up for me. I'd be babysitting my cousin Five days a week (he's three) and I'd get $50 for wathcing him, then my aunts friend needs a baby sitter, and I'd be watching him too (he's nine or ten) and I'd get $40 for two days (and every other friday) so I'd be making $90 a week! That would be great. I'm so excited.

Wish me luck with the Boy next door, and my job!

Thanks for your comments! *Yes, Julia, I put you in the last post* and SimplyShy, I'll keep you updated on who's correct. Thanks for the advice, Bleu Trumpet!

Signed & Laced with Dreams,


SimplyShy01 said...

I hope you get the job! You'd be great, you seem to really like children!

Your dream/thought is beautiful! It's so sweet! I can't help but smile everytime I read it, it's just so sweet! I love the way you write, it's way more better than me!

I too, do hope that I marry my first love.

Take care and a nice day :)!


8401 said...

wow this one is really awsome..
and in all the times we talked about the future you really just painted me a picture that i know what you are talking about and i know one day that i will most likely happen. and you have been put through so much that you deserve to have this dream come true..
and just a little reminder dreams do come true..well love you always.
♥kisses and kix♥

Kendra Logan said...

I love your dream! You had me staring at the screen all (almost) misty-eyed. I'm such a hopeless romantic sometimes. In my head, I'm screaming, "YOU HAVE TO MARRY THIS GUY!! *gasp*" *sigh*

Keep dreaming, keep writing!

alice said...

thats so`great i really hope you are one of the two in`five and i am one of the three... haha cnt wait to hear more about bryce