Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music, Life, Love, and More Music (not in order)

I don't know weather I wish to cry, or punch a wall. How in the world did I think I could get over him? He is a part of me. He helped me in my time of need....and now when I wish to help him, he says he doesn't want me to get mixed up in all of the "bad stuff" he has been around lately...
I'm a good kid! I always have, but if it takes me getting into trouble to show him how much I really don't care, then fine, BRING ON THE TROUBLE!
What am I saying? That'll only make it worse, because he'll think it's his fault. It's not. It's mine. I told you he doesn't care, which I thought he didn't, but he does. He cares a lot. And he's trying to be a good person, keeping me away from all of the bad stuff in life, but that's like trying to shield me from an on coming car colision while you're in a completely different car five miles behind me. It's not logical.
Music has been in my head as long as I can remember. It's how I live through everything in the world. Can't explain how I feel, I'll know a song that does. MUSIC IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME. It has never once let me down. Right now, I have about 5 songs that explain how I feel. The main one being Miley Cyrus' The Climb. It's actually a good song.
Life. Sometimes I miss it. It's back two years ago when everything was so much easier. Now life almost isn't worth living, because it's so hard, but I musn't think of death, because of all the things; people I love, Music to sooth the soul, my possessions, and myself: that I'd leave behind.
Music. When the headphones are on, the only thing that matters is weather the volume can be turned up any louder. I think I'd like to Lose myself in the music right now. and my writings.

Signed & Laced with Dreams (broken or not)


SimplyShy01 said...

He's trying to protect you in the way that he believes is best. That's pretty sweet as you ask me. Kind of reminds me of Edward from Twilight, how he is of Bella in ways.

Music helps me feel better, too!

Have a nice day :)!


Tandice said...

He's really a sweet, good guy. He just doesn't believe me when I tell him that.

Roxy said...

Life will never be easy. But I wish it wasn't to hard. I can relate, going through some guy stuff back in CA, too. Best wishes.

Hailey said...

i commented back on my post, the one about swearing.