Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have to say that today was qutie boring. Just a NORMAL day in a NORMAL schoo with NORMAL friends (um ikshay on the nickishnay on that last normal) doing NORMAL work with NORMAL classes with NORMAL teachers and NORMAL homework to go with a NORMAL day.
Today was just so..... what's the word.... umm, NOMAL!!!!!!
That's what i like about Wednsdays, we get an UNNORMAL class times, and not to mention we get out at an UNNORMAL time and do UNNORMAL human things with friends cuz i have so much UNNORMAL free time. AHHH the UNNORMAL is the best part of the week.
SOOOO, anyways i didn't come here to complain, but knowing me i complain about everything. But to go with my UNNORMAL day tomorrow i get to go home with my BFF anne! Check out her blog sometime tooo, it's and But i sooo can't wait for tomorrow. Wish me luck on my journey that everyting goes great!!!