Sunday, August 31, 2008

movies: $20, Blogging...priceless!

Sundays, they include a lot for me. Starbucks with s.o.s., Sunday school and church after that, home with new ideas and a little outlook of tomorrow. blah blah and blah, i know, only too well. But this isn't about me (ok, that was a lie, it is about me but besides the point) as i sit here and watch a movie on one of the best love stories in life, The Notebook, i wonder what it is about blogging that everyone likes. I know what blogging is because i have a blog on my myspace but i don't know what to talk about. I know, I know.... if you're going to start a stupid blog to get out your stupid thoughts then you outta know what to blog about... But there is just too much to blog about i don't know which blog about first.

i guess i need to rethink all of this, maybe my movie will give me an idea, in the mean time i'll try to get back to this asap.

<.: O c E d :.>