Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holding on

Well....I'm trying to make it through the week. I'm not sure how well I'm handling it. I've only got one more day to go.

It seems that ever since school ended and I've moved to my mom's people from my old school aren't talking to me as much. I mean there's Julia who makes the honest effort to spend time with me...but what about all my other friends? Hailey?? I try and talk to her all the time but she seems to always be busy. Anne?? I tried texting her a while back, and I comment on her blog when ever she posts...but she didn't text me back, and she doesn't text me out of thin air. We used to do that all the time. I just feel as if every one is leaving me. Or forgetting about me.

None of the whole friend issues are helping me with the depression any...that's why I'm excited that Julia is coming over for the weekend. Again, I state that she is the only one who is actually making an effort to be my friend still...

As for the issue before this, I'm still trying to pull through. I'm slipping down under at times, and there are moments that I wish to cry, but I'm keeping it in...don't want to look weak. I'm inscure about that type of thing...not being strong.

Fireworks all weekend. Going to try and get my mind off the situations. Waiting for Juila to come tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Signed and Laced with Dreams,


Hailey said...

your right.. i have not been a good friend AT ALL and im sorry. seems like every time i turn around something is happining but yet during the week im so bored becuase im not allowed out of the house. and i cant really invite anyone over because emily always bothers us and yeah.. i miss you being in the same town and next year is going to be so probably think me and anne are just going to be besties and everything without but i dont think thats going to happen. she will be with her synergy peeps and i will be without you to help me keep on track. oh no!! im going to fail without you :O love ya T and miss you bunches!!!