Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to square one-literally

So he's home now. Thursday was his trial and they sent him home under the fact that they think him being home will be better than juvi.

He's ashamed of what he has done. I know this because he won't talk to me. He thinks I'm mad or upset. Which I was but now I'm just happy he's home.

So if you haven't figured it yet; Bryce is the one who has been causing me so much trouble. And this is what I mean by square one;

Last year when we went out he was the good kid I had always known. After we broke up he went downhill. So in feburary he got into major trouble. It took a week (actually it was the first day or so that I had seen him) and it took us till June to go out again

Then we broke up and he went downhill again. Now he's back out. Friday we got to hang out a little bit and today we're going to hang out. But considering it's 12:33 a.m. Yeah I've got about a while. But it won't be long until we're chasing after each other (and it'll be even more fun now that we'll be going to the same school)

So in the square I am back in the first one. Bummer. It'll probably be this way until we decide to get married or go our seperate was as a couple. Idk.

Going to bed because a "date" as just friends is calling my name.



Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

It's good that he's home!
Just let things happen as they will, and don't try and base your feelings now on how you felt before. If it's meant to be, everything will turn out right in the end. I hope you guys have fun together!