Saturday, October 11, 2008

Given Up...

I've given up on trying to find my place in this world and with God. I'm tired of people putting me down for things I do or the things I say, and I'm tired of trying to be the good little Christan girl because all my dad does is put me down saying, "oh well this and this in the bible is wrong" or "you and your faith have it all wrong" when nobody know's what is right or wrong. No one knows who to follow, and no one know why we're here even thought we might say we do. I'm done with it all, Anne, even though I still go to church and youthgroup, and I still respect God. I'm just wishing that there was a guide book that wasn't the bible that told me on what I wanted to do. Life sucks and I don't want to end mine, I want to make it better. I don't know where I stand in your life after this, and I don't konw if you'll still be my friedn but all I know is that it took a lot of courage to finally admit this to you. The last person I told about this was Julia and she blew a gaskit over it. I'm sorry I'm not who you thought I was, but even I don't know who I am anymore.