Sunday, November 1, 2009

Going to start a new blog...

Yet again i have decided to start a new blog. But this time it's going to be one thing and one thing only.


Sure these quotes will have passages and meanings by which I will post also, but it's just going to be a getting through the day type of quote. I'll be sure to post the link as soon as its completed.

oh, and p.s. for those Twilight fans...Guess who just bought a ticket to the New Moon Midnight Showing....ME :D

Excited and happy,


Paige Anne Marie said...

my friend ordered the new moon tickets for the midnight showing too! but are you still going to write in this blog? or will you delete this one and only have the quote one? thanks! bye :)

Tandice said...

I'll definately post on this one too! I've just got to work out how this is going to go. And then my friend and I are writing a FanFiction that i'll probably write a blog on too! But don't worry. I've got a lot of writing up my sleeve lately, so I'll post more often!