Sunday, November 30, 2008


No, not the boots. Ugg as in, I'm feeling horrible! I've got a cold or something and I'm losing my voice! I'm tired all the time, but I was just fine yesterday! Well, until about 7 or so, then it started getting worse.
Then I got biology homeowork to finish. (Thank Cullen it's only 3:17 here) and I have to pratice my madrigal music. I have madrigal after school tomorrow, and then I have to go get x-rays again, so I won't be home until 5 or later! This is going to suck badly.
Tuesday I have a half day, so yay! I can be sick all I want because no biology, but then at 3 something or other, I have a doctors appointment with Dr. Howard so he can tell me what I did to my arm, and then I can go home and go to bed! YES!
Wednesday I have dressrehearsal for Madrigal, along with Thursday, so that's sucky.
Friday and Saturday are our perfomances. YIKES!

It was SUPPOSED to snow here, but it's just all wet, which doesn't help my cold. And I was looking forward to sledding with a brace on my arm.
My sister's birthday was today. She's being a total brat. She's grounded too! Sucks for her!
Today is also the last day of November! 25 days until CHRISTMAS! but 1month and 26 days until my BIRTHDAY! (for those who don't want to take the time to count, it's Janurary 26th!) I'm SOOO ready.
My book is underway, yet. So, if your're reading this and you like my book that's on my other blog leave a comment with your html thingie because I'm going to set up the privacy on it and I'll need to know who reads it. You have one week until the deed is done.
I'm going to go take a nap now.

Sicky me,