Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hypothetical case #2: Brenda

Brenda is your average popular girl. She owns clothing items from Hollister, America Eagle, Fashion Bug, Areopostal, and more. She is super smart and super skinny; but she has a secret. Brenda's uncle, by whom she live with (her parents died long ago) is abusive. He beats her, slams her into furniture, and yells at her constantly.
Brenda has been a self farmer, and much to our suprise, has tried to kill herself. She puts on a show for her friends, but Sarah knows. Sarah was concerned for Brenda's well-being. Sarah, having watched enough b-flick movies, sees right through Brenda's smiles.

Sarah encouraged Brenda to tell someone, so Brenda threatened her uncle. He laughed, "Stupid Girl, are they going to listen to, you or me?"
Should Brenda tell someone in authority? If Brenda doesn't tell, should Sarah?

***Please note that this is a HYPOTHETICAL case and may or may not be true. In anycase, I'd be the Sarah.***



alice said...

oh my god, thank you for the books! i have been so bored without something to read. i'm not human either. i am vampire.


Random Person said...

Hey Oh!!
Thanks for your comment ^^ I don't live in Europe, I live in the little country by Australia called New Zealand, which is half on the Australian-indian plate and half on the pacific plate.
I personally think that Brenda should tell someone, like a policemen, to her uncle if she's brave.

gothic_chick said...

brenda should tell someone and if she doesnt sara should it not a good thing to be beaten up

♥perky♥ said...

i think it is up to brenda. if she can deal with the pain and doesnt mind it doesnt matter. it is her choice and sometimes people chose to keep getting abused just so they dont have to see their family ripped apart or anything like that.

<.:OeCd:.> said...

Thanks for the commnts, and this does help. At least I know what other people think. I'm sure if I ever find a "brenda" that i'll be able to tell them...