Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alice (pt.2)

So, Alice is really trying hard to be friends with both, Tiffany and Molly. But Molly is still jealous, and becomes easy prey to yell at, getting on Alice's nerves. Tiffany is being great, totally understanding, but Molly is really getting on Alice's nerves, trying to become friends with the Tiffany... Alice's Tiffany.
It becomes hard for Alice, always trying to remain composed, and normal with everything that's going on, but still, it's showing like those bad actors in the B-Flick horror movies. It's a pain in Alice's butt, trying to be friends with both Molly and Tiffany when but Molly is getting in the way.
What should Alice do???



♥perky♥ said...

hey t, molly is prolly jealous that alice has such a great friend like tiffany. molly prolly wants to be part of the little amazing group of tiffany and alice!

<.:OeCd:.> said...

But what if Tiffany doesn't like Molly because how she was treating Alice??? What if Molly is pushing Alice out and moving in nest to Tiffany??? Can you answer that???

♥perky♥ said...

if tiffany doesnt like molly then she needs to tell her that. molly is treating alice very bad and what better person than tiffany to tell molly to back off. alice can just push right back in because tiffany is very close to alice and i dont think much can pull the two apart!

<.:OeCd:.> said...

Perky remeber, this is a HYPOTHETICAL case. It may or may not be real, and what if Tiffany doesn't want to be rude to Molly???