Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Super Secret Kitty Spy!

So, Anne has a couple theroys about my kitten, Tigger ( spelled t i double gerr er). She thinks that my cat is either a robot kitty, or a Super Secret Spy. Just on my own opinion i would have to go with the SSS. But then my brother thinks it's a vampire kitty (along with me and Anne) so i myself have come up with a theroy. My kitten is a Super Secret Vampire Kitty Spy, SSVKS! I myself cannot deny that i am a vampire along with a cannot say at all that anne isn't a vampire, because of the fact that she and i are supposed to be twins (it's a God-thing), and if i'm a vampire then so is my twin. It's only logic, and even I understand this logic! So my superhero name is Vamp Girl since Bat girl happens to be taken (ANNE!!!). Well gotta go save the world!



Lover-lee...♥ said...

woo! Vamp Girl! =)
*sing song voice* Seeecreett...AGENT CAT lol

<.:OeCd:.> said...