Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bored on a Saturday.....

OMG... I am bored on a saturday.

okay... so i just said ," OMG... I am bored on a Saturday." Pretty cool. but anyways.....
I was surfin the net (and the waves were totally narley-no pun intended-) and happened to stumble over a couple of blogs. I got it off of the website (no laughing) and then i click on 'our blog' and the 'followers' and then BAMM!!! i sent a comment to a couple of bloggers i don't even know, and one was from outside of the U.S.of A.!!!! I feel soooo proud, but i'll feel even better if i happen to ever hear back from those people, and that's why i just got my spirits down.

Since i am a terrible blogger and have not been on since MONDAY!!!! (i have shunned my self... if that's even possible...) i thought i would give you a rundown of my week...
so far no one has called me SUNSHINE not even that guy who did in the first place (my i release his name you shall not laugh or i will find you... That means you PERKY!!) but yes it was in fact NICK... (last name is not to be released.) I SAID NO LAUGHING PERKY!!!!
But i go an 88% on my Biology Test!!! it was a lot lower than i wanted, but higher that i expected. (and for those of you who don't know me i am. in fact, a smart kid. I'm taking 9th grade bio in 8th grade, YIP-TE-DO-DAH-DAY!) So since this next chapter only has 2 sections (THANK YOU BIO PRODUCERS!!!) i am going to get a 100% or ban myself from reading a book for a whole week! (It is too possible, and i'll prove that bookworms like me can go without reading...) Oh and that is only Tuesday.... lol!

Then on Wednesday I went to Anne's house. We had an awesome time. Anne wanted to give me a makeover, so my eyebrows are nice and plucked, and i know how to put on my makeup that i own, but hardly use. She also did my hair in this awesome way that made me look like her sista Polly. And then we went to a drama filled youth group, like every Wednesday. (Anne i'm telling you that there is somthing that Richie and Jana are doing that we don't know about....)......
Then there was thurday... really nothing happened but a fundraiser kickoff.... We get to sell 'SEXY TRASH BAGS' so the public! They are 100% recycled and made in our very own Hoosier State, INDIANA!!! WOO HOO!!! YEAH..........RETARDED!!!!! ..... I mean who wants to buy 'SEXY TRASH BAGS'?!?!?!?! O and i forgot that there are magizne subscriptions...Whoopty-FREAKIN- do.

Friday.... YYYYAAAWWWNNN! Hailey came over and then we hung out at my pond. Yeah... but at least i wasn't alone. Then i might as well continue to today's adventure. Hailey and I hitched a ride to the apple orchard with Anne, Polly & John, and Bethany. Polly & John's car wouldn't fit all of us, so Polly called Pastor and Barb, we got to take Barb's mini-van. We cranked up the raido and acted like retards all the way there. Then we wanted to get lost inside of the orchard.. no such luck... but Anne can juggle!!!!! Then Polly tried (related or not Anne could go for the circus, but Polly better stay away from there...) I bought an Elephant ear (who knew that elephants could taste so good???) and then we cranked it back, all the way home. Yeah then i helped my dad clean the kitchen.... Yep bored....


.:WoRlD PeAcE:.


Lover-lee...♥ said...

i can juggle
how 'bout you?
haha it rhymes =)